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The importance of knowing the betting rules

Every sport is a world of its own and it’s vitally important to know the rules of betting on each different one in order to stay safe and avoid any unpleasant surprises that could ruin your day.

What happens when a match is suspended or postponed? What happens if a player withdraws before or during a match? What happens if one match in a combined bet is suspended? Do goals in extra time count?… So many things can happen and having clear rules covering the different sports is a fundamental part of safe and responsible betting.

A complete guide to help you bet safely

With that in mind, here at, we provide our customers with a complete guide to the Betting Rules of every single sport we offer on the website. This way, we can make sure everyone is fully informed of everything that could happen in any event or match and how that could affect the result of their bets.

The guide on Sports Rules will help you understand all the different markets you can bet on and the rules regulating each one, both for Pre-Match and In-Play bets.

Always here to help

If you still have any doubts over the results of any of the bets you have placed, our Customer Services will be more than happy to assist you in solving all your problems or questions.