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Online poker has come a long way, from its hard-fought legalization to gaining the trust of the poker-playing public. Now, legal online poker is gaining popularity because of its marked benefits to players and online casinos alike.


Brick and mortar casinos have found that they can increase revenue by removing poker rooms and partnering with real money online poker sites instead.

There are fewer overhead costs for these establishments and for players, too. You can play poker online with low stakes and sign up for free online poker tournaments sans the entrance fee.

Secure online sites also have collusion detection abilities to avoid fraud, unlike brick and mortar casinos that are unable to do this. Security personnel of online poker rooms can check the history of a player’s cards for cheating patterns.

Secure online sites can also guarantee that players on the same tables are not playing poker from a single household through IP address and open proxy server detection.

Technology like digital device fingerprinting is also employed so that players who have previously been banned cannot play by simply creating new accounts.

The online poker experience allows players to devise a poker strategy based on their opponents’ online playing behaviors. This includes how fast they play and their betting patterns. In live poker, body language alone can compromise your play.

Rate of play is also faster in online casino games like poker because they don’t require an actual dealer to shuffle the cards and deal, which takes up time.

Compared to the average rate of play in brick and mortar casinos, which is approximately 30 hands per hour, online poker tables can deal an average of 90 to 100 hands per hour.

Playing poker online is also less costly for players. All you need to do is turn on your device. No transportation costs or tips to give. Plus, there’s no waiting list to worry about, so you can play and go as you please.

In physical casinos, for poker players to earn more, they need to increase their limit. This could result in them playing against far more skilled opponents. Online, however, you can play more tables as online poker rooms allow this.

You can play up to eight or more tables in one sitting. In doing so, you can manage your bankroll better by splitting it, thereby lowering the risk of high-stake losses.

A range of buy-ins is also available in online poker. For $2, you could purchase a full-stack. With $1 or less, you can also participate in online poker tournaments.

Players in need of a primer on how to play poker can also access poker schools online that will prepare them for future success.

Online poker sites also give bonuses, especially to first-time players. VIP programs are also being developed to give back to our regulars.


In several countries, online poker sites are legal and regulated. In the United States (US), however, playing poker was prohibited because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006.

This bill states that online gambling sites cannot transact with financial institutions in the US. As a result, publicly-traded poker gaming sites were shut down.

In 2010, the US House Financial Services Committee filed HR 2267 so that online poker would be legalized and regulated.

At present, some US states like Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania offer regulated online poker games. In other areas, meanwhile, US players can enjoy sweepstakes poker games legally.

More players will be able to meet at the tables if more states are allowed to play online poker. This will result in bigger tournaments and higher and more exciting jackpots.


Online poker sites takes pride in meeting the criteria for a credible poker site with exciting card games and payouts.

Because we are a legal and licensed poker site in the US, we’ve got a partner brick-and-mortar casino.

We are continually looking for more people to improve our player pool. We are also working on including leader boards to make games more exciting. also offers tournaments and poker events for a considerable buy-in and an even bigger prize pool.

Here are essential things to look for in a credible poker site:

Security of a Poker Site

Online poker sites assures you that rigged poker games will not be a concern. For poker sites to be regulated and legalized, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is required. The RNG guarantees players a fair game.

A secure poker site will also make sure a player’s information is verified. Hence, ID checks are required, as well as proof of address, and backup options for depositing to your account.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) policy is implemented as a protocol to prevent minors from delving into real money gambling.

Poker players like you are advised to take preventive measures to ensure your security. For instance, you should only access SSL-encrypted poker sites.

You should also avoid using shared devices to avoid compromising your data and private information. Even if it’s to play free poker or if it only involves play money.

Poker Bonuses

While several websites offer free poker games and a ton of bonuses, it is essential to remember that wagering requirements come with these bonus offers. These include the no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, free chips, and a slew of reload bonuses.

Sometimes, new depositors also get free entries to tournaments. Regulars are given loyalty bonuses, which can be used as points or tournament entries.

Promos are also being offered to newbies and regulars alike.

Easy Deposit and Cash Out

To make sure your funds are secure, you should only visit trusted betting sites like

There should be several deposit methods available, from the frequently used debit cards and credit cards to third-party wallet services like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Cash deposit is also an option through PayNearMe and 7-Eleven stores.

For currency issues, players can choose to hold their funds in their currency and convert these only when they enter or leave games.

An alternative is for players to convert the currency of their money upon depositing. E-wallets, for instance, enable players to keep their funds online in a currency of their choosing.

Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is also another way of avoiding currency issues.

Credible sites like also try to making withdrawing your winnings smooth and hassle-free.

Usually, you can get your payouts through the same method you used in depositing to your accounts. If this is not possible, paper checks or verified e-wallet services are viable alternatives.

Verification of withdrawal requests usually takes a day or two. An ID is required to withdraw your winnings.

Accessible and Secure Poker Software

It’s easy to lose yourself in Texas Hold’em Poker, money games, ring games, or the World Series of Poker (WSOP). You should always make sure that the software you are accessing is secure and legit.

Usually, real money poker sites are accessible via full download, especially if you’re playing from a desktop or a laptop. Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, and other iOS devices.

A pre-downloaded software ensures smooth gaming and full functionality of your poker games, be it Spin & Go or Partypoker.

Poker apps are also available for some devices. However, apps only offer limited games and usually in a single-game format.

Google Play Store does not offer poker apps for Android devices and smartphones.

Instant play is another way of accessing poker software, though it is not as popular as its counterparts.

Through instant play, you can access form-limited games in your browser. They are suited not for small screens, however, so they are best used in larger devices.

Variety of Online Poker Games

In choosing a poker website, go for one that offers many poker games.

No-Limit Hold’em is the most popular in the poker scene. Omaha is a close second, with variations like Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha 8, among others.

If we were to categorize poker games online, there are four main types:

  • Cash games – this format is the most traditional. Here, poker chips have a monetary value. This type includes full-ring and six-max games.

  • Poker tournaments – this is the most structured format that has several rules in place. To win, one player has to have all of the players’ pile of chips.

  • Sit & Go tournaments (SNG) – these are fixed-size games that begin once the table is full. The usual format is one table with nine seats, where the top three players take the pot home. Lottery SNGs are gaining popularity, too. These three-handed games offer prize pools that are randomly selected, usually up to 10,000 times a player’s buy-in.

  • Fast-fold poker – this format is different because players are in pools, not at tables. It usually needs many players, so not all poker sites offer this yet. In every hand, six to nine players are combined from the pool through buy-ins. If a player folds, the player is taken to a new table where a brand-new hand awaits them. This is perfect for players who wish to skip marginal hands and go straight to the interesting ones.

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