Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips

With the rise of the Internet, sports betting has become more and more popular. But some people just don’t know where and how to get started. If you’re a novice bettor who wants to take your chances in sports betting but doesn’t know how to proceed, this guide is for you.

This guide also includes information on what the top sports bettors do to make the odds work in their favor and recommendations to help you improve with each bet you place.

Getting Started in Sports Betting

Some people bet on sports purely for entertainment, while others treat it as a casual hobby. If you decide to take sports betting seriously, you’ll need a few tips and tricks to be successful in the sports betting world.

Sports betting can be intimidating and overwhelming.

We can help you get started with the sports betting basics through our multiple guides and comprehensive sports betting glossary.

Sporting Events to Bet On

To start betting, you have to decide what sporting event you’re willing to bet on. If it’s your first time betting, it’s probably wise to bet on a sport that you’re already familiar with and interested in.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Whether it’s the NBA regular season or playoffs, sports bettors find it fun and profitable to place their stakes on these games.

Basketball can give sharps a real case of betting fever with its fast-paced nature, increasingly competitive matchups, and superstar appeal. You can read more about why people bet on basketballhere.

Another sport bet you can try your hand at is football.

Betting on the Super Bowl is a completely different experience from betting on regular-season games or even the NBA playoffs. Since it is one of the largest sporting events in America, the Super Bowl has comprehensive media coverage, giving bettors like you an advantage thanks to real-time stats and reports.

Accessible game stats are vital when placing your bets because they help you decide whether an athlete, game, or team is worth betting on.

In addition to this, the NFL Championship’s popularity makes it one of the sports with the highest betting limits and sharpest betting lines. is powered by official NFL data, providing you with up-to-date play-by-play game coverage, highlights, and scores.

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If you want to win, the best sports to bet on are these popular games. Oddsmakers offer various props and point spreads for these sporting events due to their massive fan base and accessible stats.

Aside from these sports, there are many other events you can bet for a thrilling experience. Take a shot at the following sports:

  • Baseball - MLB
  • Car Racing - NASCAR
  • Hockey - NHL
  • Mixed Martial Arts - UFC
  • Horse racing

In some cases, sportsbooks allow collegiate sports betting, such as in ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), college football, or NCAA college basketball.

If you’re planning to bet on college teams, it’s essential to check if your state allows it.

Top Sports Betting Tips

If you’re excited to win your first bet, these tips will equip you in your sports betting journey so you can start making a profit from your stakes.

There is no single best betting strategy, and nothing can guarantee a winning bet every time. However, our sports betting guides may help you become a better bettor in the long run.

  1. Find a Reliable Online Sportsbook

Before betting on a sport, you should be sure you’re trusting your money to a legitimate and reliable sports betting site. Your winnings won’t matter if your online bookmaker (bookie) makes it challenging to obtain your payouts.

  1. Know the Types of Bet Available

Every betting type has different rules. Be familiar with these rules before placing your stakes, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Some of the most common betting types include:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Futures bets
  • Over/Under
  • Propositional bets (props bet)
  • Point Spreads

If you’re a novice in sports betting, it is advisable to make single bets at first.

Single bets are less complicated than other betting types, the risks are lower, and you can still earn a decent amount of money. Remember that small profit is still profit.

You should also initially focus on one sport. If you’re considering sports betting as a long-term source of income, then you should concentrate on one area of expertise where you can continuously refine and deepen your knowledge.

  1. Understand the Lingo

When you’re betting, you may encounter professional bettors who use phrases and terms that are exclusive to sports betting. It’s crucial to learn the vocabulary to understand bookies and other sports bettors more clearly.

  1. Understand the Odds

Set by the sportsbook, betting odds measure the likelihood of a specific sports outcome happening. Understanding them can help you predict the probability of a team or player winning the game and the amount of money you can profit from the bet.

There are different kinds of sports betting odds, and American odds are the most common. This type of odds, also known as moneyline odds, have positive (+) and negative (-) signs, representing the favorite and the underdog.

In American odds, favorable odds are assigned to a team or player that is not favored to win the game (the underdog). Meanwhile, negative odds are given to the team or player favored to win the game.

For example, in an NBA game, the Boston Celtics go head-to-head with the Indiana Pacers.



Indiana Pacers


Boston Celtics


By looking at the signs, you can see that the Celtics are the favorite and the Pacers are the underdog. These values mean that if you want to back the Pacers (underdogs), you just need to stake $100 to win $125.Meanwhile, if you still want to bet on the favorite (Celtics), you have to stake $125 to win $100. offers sharp odds for live betting games on different sporting events. Start live betting here.

Other types of odds that you can encounter in sports betting are fractional odds, which are primarily used in Europe, and decimal odds.

If you want to compute the possible payouts, you may use an odds calculator.

  1. Track Your Bets

Once you’ve placed your bets, it is your responsibility to track them. This is crucial, especially when you place multiple bets on different sporting events. As a sports bettor, you have to keep track of what you’re doing right and what’s not working for you. Awareness of these factors can help you plan your next move. Tracking your progress will help you manage your money and monitor your profits and losses.

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to be a responsible sports bettor, you have to efficiently manage your bankroll—your betting budget—so that betting doesn’t have detrimental effects on your overall life.

Develop a system you’re comfortable with. For instance, you can set a total amount of money to start your bankroll and distribute these funds accordingly, based on your lineup of betting ventures. Knowing proper bankroll management can be an advantage in the long run. Remember not to bet an amount of money you cannot afford to lose!

Don’t get hung up on getting a series of wins. A winning streak can give you high profits, but even the sharpest bettors have their bad betting days.

Sports betting is not a race. Steer clear of reckless bets by setting a specific amount of betting funds that you can limit depending on the money you can afford to lose.

Learn tips on managing your bankrollhere.

Stay on top of your spending while maximizing the fun of sports betting with our time, deposit, and bet limits.

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  1. Take Note of Historical Stats

The best bets are informed ones. Invest in your betting knowledge. Do your research before risking your money.

The sharpest bettors track the game and stats of the team or athlete they are betting on.

Historical stats are vital because they give you the overall play records and play styles of the teams. Stay updated on current team standings andsports news. Keep track of the crucial games, teams, and players that can influence the outcome of your bet.

Learning about the fundamentals of betting is crucial to your betting success. Stay updated on sports developments, new deals, and betting trends.

And more importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Remember that sports betting is also about excitement and thrills. Like other hobbies, sports betting should be scheduled. This allows you to limit the time you spend on it.

How to Strategize in Sports Betting

Are you starting to feel more confident when placing your bets? Don’t stop at the basics!

Learn how to strategize and maximize your profits as you delve into the specifics of sports betting. Below are some sports betting strategies and tactics to use when you plan your next stake.

  1. Hedge your bets

This strategy is used to reduce the risks of a bet so you can minimize your losses while maintaining a good bankroll record. Hedging involves placing bets on the opposite side of your initial bet.

Round robin bets are a kind of hedging strategy that involves several parlays placed in one betting slip. This hedging technique allows you to bet on multiple events at once.

You can bet on a moneyline or player props in round robin bets.

Learn more abouthedging here.

  1. Take advantage of matched betting

Matched betting allows you to bet on both teams equally to reduce the risks. When you do match betting, you are guaranteed a profit.

To maximize this strategy, you can use free bets from online sportsbooks. These rewards can be in the form of free bet credits. They can be used by sports bettors to stake but cannot be converted to cash.

When you use these free bet credits in a matched bet with a sure win, your profits can be withdrawn in the form of real cash.

  1. Pay attention to betting lines

Be aware of the line movements before betting on any match. For instance, you may bet on the same NBA game through live bets. As the game progresses, the betting lines move because of the factors affecting the game, such as injuries or suspensions.

These lines are also moved based on the vigorish, vig, or juice the bookmakers are getting for every stake. Usually, sportsbooks get 5% to 10% of vig for every bet.

Some bettors use a handicapping strategy to identify the true odds (odds without the vig).

Professional handicappers explore the betting trends across the betting market. They look at the odds and analyze why a particular sportsbook assigned odds to a team or player. Some online sportsbooks release free picks that were carefully selected and analyzed by these handicappers.

Free picks involve the odds and lines preferred by handicappers after their analysis.

Access to these sports betting picks is often free for a limited time. After the free trial, bettors can decide if they want to subscribe to a professional handicapper’s premium picks.

Sports Betting Legality

Before choosing a sporting event to bet on, make sure that sports betting is legal in your state or country.

In 2018, sports betting was declared legal on the federal level in the United States. However, some states have established stringent rules and laws on sports betting to supervise gambling efficiently. follows strict regulations and is backed by government licenses from the Colorado Division of Gaming.

We’ve partnered with Johnny Nolon’s Casino and have been deemed an official and legal internet sports betting operator committed to giving the best user experience to casual sports fans and professional sports bettors.

Our world-class security uses only government-approved data centers to ensure your safety and protection.

Colorado, Florida, and New York are some of the states that allow sports betting in America. Find out here if your state allows sports betting.

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