Darts Betting Odds and Lines

Darts Betting

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the British Darts Organisation (BDO) are the leading associations that promote the sport. Players like Fallon Sherrock, Ritchie Edhouse, Jose Justicia, Boris Koltsov, Michael van Gerwen, Michael Warburton, Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, and Jarred Cole have no doubt contributed to its popularity as well. The attention on darts betting has grown over the years, and the sports crowds are already digging into it.

If you’re interested in placing bets on dart matches, you might want to learn about the types of bets available. Learning the best darts betting strategies may also be something that tickles your fancy.

We’re going to talk about all that here, but first, let’s discuss the most common types of darts bets.


Whether you’re new or experienced in betting at darts, this section can help you learn about the types of bets or brush up your knowledge of the sport.

These are the most prevalent types of bets made in darts today.

Match Winner

Sports betting on the winner of the match is the most basic darts wager today. With this type of bet, you simply have to pick one of the two players whom you think will win. If you choose right, you get to win the wager.

A thing to note is that some sportsbook platforms offer the draw option in this kind of bet. When this is available, you get to choose either Player A to win, Player B to win, or a Draw. The third option practically means you’re predicting the match to end in a tie, although this rarely happens.

Correct Score

Going for a correct score bet is one of the most popular darts wagers you can make. In this type of bet, you try to predict what the final score of a game will be.

When betting on the correct score, you will end up choosing something like this:

  • Player A: 8

  • Player B: 12

It is relatively hard to predict the exact score of darts matches. This means that it often comes with high odds and that you can make more money than you would from betting for the outright winner.

Tournament Outright Winner

This type of wager works similarly to a match-winner bet. But in this case, you’ll be predicting which player you believe can win the whole tournament.

Darts tournaments like the UK Open (Great Britain), Premier League Darts, Czech Darts Open, PDC World Darts Championship, and MODUS Icons of Darts are some popular darts events.

Rather than just pick from two players in a match, you’ll get to select from all players available in the series. You get to win the bet if your selected person becomes the tournament champion or wins the world championship.

Total 180s

People who are new to darts should know that 180 is the highest score you can make with all three darts. Being the top score possible, players try to hit this as often as they can in a match. Bettors can also wager on the 180s that happen in every game.

In this case, you get to bet on the number of 180s that are hit by both players. The bet works just like an over/under wager in a casino or in other sports. Bookmakers publish a given amount of 180s that can be made, and bettors choose if they think the players can hit more than the total number or not.

For instance, the darts gambling commission posts a total of 7.5 for the total number of 180s for a specific match. If you believe it is going to be less than that, then you bet on the under. You win the bet if the total 180s made are seven or less. Bettors can also go with the over, which is eight total numbers of 180s or more.

Most 180s

There’s also another way to bet on the 180s. The most 180s made in a match is a wager that you can place bets on for a specific player. Since it’s possible for the two players to have the same number of 180s, a draw option is available.

What makes this wager ideal is that you don’t have to guess the exact amount of 180s for a player. You just have to decide which one you think will score more than the other, or if both score a tie.

Player 180s

Instead of betting on the total number of 180s made in a darts match, you will be betting on the total 180s a player can make. This type of bet follows the over/under format.

A sportsbook publishes the total they think a player can make, and it is your job to pick the over or under.

First 180

This 180 bet is pretty straightforward. You simply have to wager on which player makes the first 180s throw. For this wager, you only have to choose either Player A or Player B.

Selecting the right player that earns the first 180 score means that you win the bet!

Nine Dart Finish

The fewest number of darts a player can use to finish and win a leg of a match in darts is nine. By placing a Nine Dart Finish bet, you’re wagering that there’s going to be a nine-dart finish.

In this bet, you just have to choose yes or no if it will happen. Choosing the right answer and winning can have huge payouts, as this is one of the rarest events that can occur in darts.

Handicap Two Way

This type of bet works the same way as wagering on the spread in other sports. In a darts match, the sportsbook assigns a range of scores for the two players. The favorite gets a negative while the underdog has a positive.

Here’s an example:

  • Player A -1.5

  • Player B +1.5

You need to decide which of these two players you believe will cover their spread for this type of bet. Looking at the example, Player A has to win by at least two sets for you to win a betslip on them. On the other hand, sports betting on Player B requires that they win the match or lose by just a single set.

Highest Checkout

Checkout is a common term that you can come across in darts. It basically means the last three darts that a player throws to end the match. These checkouts need to end in a double number, such as two twenties.

For the highest player checkout wager, you’ll be betting on how high a particular individual’s checkout is going to be. The bet follows the over/under format once again, where sportsbooks issue a set amount for the highest checkout.

Bettors simply have to choose if they think the player’s total checkout is going to land above or below that number.

There’s also the highest match checkout bet, which some sportsbooks offer to their members.

Live Betting

Finally, bettors may want to check out live betting if they like watching the sport while placing wagers at the same time. In this format, you’re allowed to bet on in-play actions depending on what happens during the live event.

Most of the wagers mentioned above are available in live betting. If you’re up for it, you can try live betting, as this is one of the hottest trends in darts right now.


The strategy for darts is quite similar to the approach bettors would make in other sports.

Do Your Research

Learning and understanding the basics of darts as a sport is key to placing informed bets. If you haven’t had much playtime on the game of darts, you can research how it works instead. This will help you understand the concept of the game and how people play it.

Once you’re more familiar with the sport, you should then do some background research on the players of the game. Take a look at their statistics as this is the best starting point for darts bettors. You can also find data on head-to-head matches to see how a particular player fared against another.

Another area for you to look into is the injuries of players. Injuries can happen, just like with any sport, and this can significantly affect how they play. Your goal here is to know if a player has a pre-existing condition so you can make informed betting decisions.

It’s also recommended that you understand how the tournaments work, like in the Premier League or the Czech Premier League, before you bet on them. Some of them work differently compared to others, so knowing the basics is vital. Things such as how many sets and legs are assigned in a match should be your priority.

Progressive Betting

As the saying goes, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Newbie darts bettors should start their journey slow and bet small. It’s always best that you first learn how to walk before you run.

When you’ve done your research, you can begin by making small wagers on the basic bets. You’ll eventually get a better understanding of the game, and from there, you can slowly expand on your free bets.

Bankroll Management

To be a successful bettor, one must learn how to see the bigger picture and manage their bankroll adequately. Failing to handle your finances correctly, and you may end up having no funds to continue placing bets. Even worse, you might end up being bankrupt.

You can do some research about bankroll management or get a solution that can help you organize your money.