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Rugby Odds

The most significant betting events that happen throughout the year in rugby fall generally under the Rugby Union tournaments. These tournaments are the Six Nations Championship or the Rugby World Cup.

But even when these Rugby Union events are over, that doesn’t mean you can’t bet anymore. There is still the Rugby League, which also holds many tournaments all year round.

Although this league uses different rules than the Rugby Union, wagering here is still equally fun. In fact, some people prefer sports betting on the Rugby League due to its faster pace. The league is the most popular in places like northern England, Australia, and France.

In Germany, the Rugby Bundesliga is a well-known league there. It is considered the premier league in the country.

So just like in other sports, there are various types of open bets that bettors can choose from when wagering on a rugby game. Having a deeper understanding of how these bets work is essential if you wish to get better in rugby betting.


Let’s check out the different variations of rugby bet types below.

Rugby Match Bets

One of the most common rugby bets that people make is called match bets. This is a bet that predicts who will win a specific game between two teams. If a tie happens, where the two sides have the same score, then the bet is a push. This means that bettors get back their stake. However, a push in rugby doesn’t often happen because of its high-scoring matches.

A sportsbook typically lists down each side of a team with their moneyline odds next to them. These rugby betting odds are the numbers that dictate how much money bettors can win if they succeed in their bet. Rugby teams that have a negative next to their moneyline rugby odds are considered the favorite to win the game. Meanwhile, positive moneyline odds next to a team’s name means that they are the underdog.

Here’s how a match bet in rugby would look like:

  • Australia -300
  • New Zealand +150

In the example above, the Australian Rugby Union betting odds sit at -300 against New Zealand, which is at +150. This means that Australia is the favorite, and bettors will need to place $300 on them to win $100 in profit. Assuming that you placed your bet on New Zealand and they ended up winning, you’ll get $150 profit for every $100 you wager.

Rugby Handicap Bets

Handicap betting in rugby is the same as with bets made in other sports. This type of wager puts some extra points in favor of the underdog for a fairer bet. The handicap numbers are assigned by a bookmaker based on the skill gap an underdog has against the favorite.

For example, South Africa, the -4 favorites, will be playing against South Wales. If you placed a bet on South Africa, the team has to defeat Wales by at least 5 points for you to win the wager. If they win by 4 points or less, then the bet is considered a push, and your money will be refunded.

Concerning payout odds, bettors can get more money betting on the favorites of a handicap bet compared to a regular match bet. The reason for this is simple. The favorite has a handicap spread to cover. Even bigger payouts can be obtained with handicap bets when wagering on the winning margin. Some outcomes are totally over the top with paydays reaching 20 to 1 or even more if they happen.

Rugby Half Bets

Some people are too busy to watch entire rugby games that can go from anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours. That’s why there are half bets in rugby that allow bettors to wager on the outcome during a specific time in the match. This period is usually the first or second half.

Some betting sites may ask you to select teams that you think will win outright in the first or second half. Other sportsbook platforms let you choose which teams you think will win both of them.

You can expect a long list of half-time handicaps as well, with various outcomes available. The more ridiculous bets often come with higher payout odds from the gambling commission, so keep that in mind.

Rugby Outright Bets

Many rugby tournaments happen every year. That is why many fans believe placing an outright bet slip is the most exciting out of all wagers.

In this type of bet, bettors are asked to choose which team they think will take it all home. This can either be a huge tournament or even a championship event. The team that you decide to pick will need to win first place since winning anything below, which means that you lose the bet.

Trying to predict who will win a tournament or become a rugby champion is more challenging than other bets. That’s why outright wagering has significantly higher payout dividends overall.

Your sportsbook may also offer an outright bet variation where you will have to name the two teams that will make it to the finals. The increased difficulty here is a significant reason why this has even bigger payout odds than a regular outright bet.

Rugby Prop Bets

In rugby, the prop bets are considered the more random types of wagers. These bets prioritize outcomes that are outside of the usual ones and are intended to be for fun.

Just like in the NFL or NHL, a popular prop bet in rugby is wagering on who gets to score the first goal. This can either be the first team to score or the first person to do so. Getting this right can turn out a nice profit for bettors.

Since rugby is quite physical, scuffles can happen between teams and players. Referees can hand out yellow cards and force players to get off the field for a few minutes. Bettors who are used to placing wagers in the UFC may be interested in knowing that there are yellow card bets here. Typically, you just have to predict which player will be receiving the first yellow card throughout the match.

There are other popular prop bets too, such as which player gets the most tries, receives the most cards, or which team scores 20 points first.


Knowing the different types of rugby bets is great, but you can’t make a profit if you aren’t strategic. To succeed in rugby sports betting, you need to have a plan each time you place a wager.

Below are some of the things smart rugby bettors keep in mind when making bets.

Know the Teams

Not all teams play the same. There are some teams like New Zealand that are traditionally more explosive, and so get more tries. Groups that are more focused on their kicking game, like South Africa, often experience more penalties scored. Smaller teams like Argentina are more challenging to predict.

With that in mind, betting on teams like the All Blacks for high scores is better than going for the Springboks or the Pumas.

Look Up

Adverse weather conditions can change rugby matches in an instant, just like in NASCAR or racing on the racebooks. When it rains, the ball becomes slippery and thus harder to control. Low-scoring games often happen as a result of bad weather.

You will want to keep the conditions outside in mind when you bet, especially when looking for high scores.

Watch the News

Injuries can happen at any time throughout the regular season. Teams that are missing their star players will usually not work as effectively as they should be. Playmakers such as the fly-half can have a massive impact on the team on and off the court.

But even if all team players are present, changes to a schedule can be unsettling and affect how each member plays. Watch the news and keep an eye out for these changes to help you make informed rugby bets.

Know Your Market

More often than not, the wingers are the first ones to score a try in a rugby match. A study, in fact, suggests that they do this 70% of the time. If wingers aren’t able to score first, then it’s usually the backs that pick up the slack. That is why the backs have the lowest rugby odds of making the first score in a match.

It’s crucial that you look at these statistics on the teams you plan to bet on if you want to make an educated wager.

Be Aware of Form

Tournaments like the Premiership have teams that play week in and week out. This makes following the form guide essential.

As for international rugby matches, the form isn’t always regarded as much since it can take months for a series to conclude. That is why the form doesn’t have as much weight from one set to the next with international games.

Develop a Strategy and Stay With It

People who bet on rugby follow two approaches in responsible gaming. The first is to bet small amounts on improbable outcomes or wager big money on short odds. Choosing to go all-in on a team that has an excellent home record is a strong bet if you did your research.

Meanwhile, backing a team that has low chances of winning can bring in some nice paydays even if you didn’t stake a lot. These bets rarely happen, though, so be prepared for some dry stretches.