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Sports Betting Contests is all about excitement, fun… and great prizes

At, we know sports betting is, first and foremost, about fun and excitement, but we also see it as a challenge that allows our customers to show off their knowledge of different sports to the full.
The teams’ numbers, the form of different athletes heading into games; these are crucial elements that must be carefully considered when making our forecasts, and only the chosen few have the gift of being able to accurately predict the outcome of any given event.

A monthly Jackpot for the bravest among you

We feel it’s only fair to reward those individuals who demonstrate particularly impressive levels of knowledge about sport in general, or of a specific event. That’s why we created The Jackpot, a monthly challenge that gives the winner the chance to take spectacular winnings of up to $1,000,000.
Picking the starting grid or the top finishers in a Grand Prix, predicting the number of Touchdowns in a game, or winning the pools over a weekend of Baseball, Football or Soccer, could change your life overnight.

Contests and challenges for all the big events

The Jackpot may be our star product, but we’ll also be offering our customers a wide range of contests and challenges on a regular basis to mark all the biggest sporting events. These promotions will have two key aims: adding to the thrills; and the chance to win great cash prizes or trips and experiences which will help you enjoy your experience at to the fullest.