UFC Odds

How to Bet on UFC Fights

Betting on UFC/MMA fights seems overwhelming at first, especially to beginner bettors.

How do you read the odds on a fight? What are the different UFC/MMA betting types, and how do you know which type to choose? Is UFC/MMA betting legal?

To answer these questions and more, we give you what you need to know to bet on UFC/MMA successfully. Once you get to know the sport better, you’ll find that UFC betting can be an exciting and lucrative endeavor.

SportsBetting.com gives UFC fans like you a great platform to bet on. But first, we teach you the basics, including how to read UFC/MMA odds, how the different UFC/MMA bet types work, and when to use them.

More important is to feel safe and confident when betting.

Why Bet on UFC and MMA Online?

You can place your UFC/MMA bets at your local brick-and-mortar sportsbook. If that’s not available where you live, then UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) online gambling is your best option.

MMA (mixed martial arts) is one of the more popular full-contact combat sports to bet on. The sport piqued the betting public's interest after the creation of UFC in 1993.

MMA allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills to be used in competition, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, taekwondo, judo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and karate.

Wagering on UFC events can be an exciting way for you to get involved in MMA online betting. UFC bettors can now enjoy a wide range of UFC betting options online, like moneyline, over/under, parlay, and PK.

From the early days of no-weight divisions and limited rules to the more streamlined betting markets today, combat sports have come a long way.

Besides the chance to win some money, your bets will keep your attention focused on specific fighters or aspects of a matchup.

You can bet on a fighter you think will win the bout, how many rounds the fight will take, and the method of victory, for example. By betting on these propositions, you’ll get closer to the action as you anticipate the result of your wager.

UFC Betting Odds Explained

UFC odds are safe to bet on. They’re similar to the odds used in major American sports leagues like the NFL, NHL, MBL, or NBA.

The three different kinds of betting odds are the decimal, fractional, and American (also called moneyline) odds.

American odds are computed based on how much money you have to bet in order to win $100.

The minus (-) sign indicates the favorite, where you need to bet more than $100 to win $100. Meanwhile, you risk a smaller amount when you bet on the underdog (accompanied by a + symbol), though the payout is more than $100.

With decimal odds, you simply multiply your stake by the decimal odds. For example, if you placed a $20 bet at odds of 3.00, just multiply 20 by 3 to calculate your estimated return, which is $60.

Meanwhile, fractional betting odds are favored in the U.K. and Ireland, and they're commonly used in horse racing.

For example, you bet $30 at odds of 6/4 (read “six to four”). To compute your payout, you first add the numbers of the fraction together. In this case, it’s 6 + 4 = 10.

Then, you divide this number (10) by the second number in the fraction (4): 10 ÷ 4 = 2.50. Multiply this number by your stake: 2.50 X 30 = 75.

Your estimated payout for a $30 bet at odds of 6/4 would be $75.

Beating the Closing Odds

Opening odds are the early betting lines listed by top UFC betting sites, like SportsBetting.com, immediately after a UFC event is advertised.

For example, after the news announced a fight featuring Conor McGregor, he started as a -130 favorite. Here, -130 was the opening odds.

However, as more people started to bet on him, the lines were adjusted in his favor. With the line movement, the overall value of the bets changed as well.

Suppose the odds moved to -180. If they remained at -180 as the bookies stopped accepting bets, then -180 was the closing odds.

If you were quick enough to catch the opening odds at -130 and made a $100 bet, you could have won $77.

Potential Profit = Stake ÷ (Odds ÷ 100) = 100 ÷ (130 ÷ 100) = $77

Let’s say you waited to bet $100 on -180. Using the same formula above, you would have won only $56.

When betting on fan favorites, get in on the bets early to beat the closing odds.

MMA and UFC Betting Types

You need to consider the following when betting online:

  • Latest UFC and MMA odds
  • UFC and MMA betting odds from previous fights
  • Win-loss records
  • Fighting styles
  • Fighter’s statements in pre-fight interviews
  • News and media before the fight

The more you know about a fighter’s record, their opponent, and the media leading up to the fight, the better your odds.

For example, when betting on the former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, remember how he beat Kelvin Gastelum in Las Vegas via a unanimous decision in April 2021.

You seldom hear Whittaker talk about his recorded strikes and takedowns. Still, he has been steadily building a résumé that rivals some of the most impressive in mixed martial arts.

The most profitable UFC bets depend on your goals. You can try a basic ‘to win’ or prop bet for recreation. Or you can bet based on value if you’re looking to earn a profit.

While there’s no perfect time to place your UFC bets online, you must always look for value in every betting line.

If you keep making UFC bets with value, you can make a lot of money betting on fights. How much profit you gain really depends on how good you are at making value bets.

You can rely on the research and numbers provided by our in-house sports trading team to help you come out on top of your wagers. We make UFC odds available in advance of UFC fight nights.

We also feature the latest UFC sports news to give you an upper hand in choosing the best UFC betting odds.

UFC Moneylines

A straight-up or moneyline bet is the most straightforward way to bet on UFC fights online. You decide which of the two fighters will win the bout.

Like most major sports, the betting favorite in a UFC match is shown with a minus (-) on the odds. The underdog comes with a positive sign (+).

Say we have these odds:

Israel Adesanya-165

Jon Jones+145

In this example, Adesanya is a -165 favorite, meaning you’d have to lay down $165 on the Last Stylebender to win $100.

With Johnny Bones being a +145 underdog, you’d need to bet $100 on him to win $145.

UFC Round Betting

The ‘total rounds’ bet is UFC’s version of a ‘totals’ or over/under bet. Here, you predict whether the number of rounds in the fight will go over or stay under what the oddsmakers set.

Let’s take a look at a fight between UFC 261 welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal as an example.

Suppose the odds set 2.5 rounds looked like this:

Over 2.5 rounds+125

Under 2.5 rounds -145

If you bet on the under, thinking the bout would be finished in less than 2.5 rounds, you’d have to bet $145 to earn a $100 profit.

If you bet on the over, thinking the match would go over 2.5 rounds, you’d win $125 for your $100 bet.

One unforgettable fight that was over within the first round was that of Rose Namajunas vs. Zhang Weili in UFC 261.

The Thug, considered one of the best strikers in her division, secured her strawweight title after landing a powerful kick on Weili's chin 75 seconds into the bout.

UFC Pick’ems

A pick’em (also called PK or pick) occurs when the outcome of a bout is a virtual coin flip. This means oddsmakers see both fighters as having an equal chance to win, and you simply choose which fighter will win the bout.

In UFC 261, for instance, PK odds were offered for the fight Valentina Shevchenko vs. Jessica Andrade. You would have won if you went for Shevchenko because she won the fight by TKO.

UFC Parlays

UFC parlays combine multiple bets on one ticket. For example, you can bet on three fighters in three separate fights, like the main event and two lesser cards.

You can even add legs (bets) from other sports, like an NFL spread or an NBA over/under, to your parlay ticket.

Keep in mind, though, that all legs must win for the parlay to ‘stand.’ If even one leg loses, the whole parlay is a loss.

UFC Prop Bets

Props or proposition bets aren’t concerned with the final score or outcome of a fight but with the occurrence or non-occurrence of specific aspects of a UFC fight.

The two props betting opportunities available are:

Round Betting - This is betting on which round a fighter will finish the fight.

For example, Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey are squaring off in a title fight for the bantamweight strap.

If you bet on the Lioness’ victory, you also need to pick which round Rowdy will be defeated.

Method of Victory - This bet takes the moneyline a step further. You don’t just bet on which fighter will win but also have to predict how they’ll do it.

For instance, there’s an upcoming fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. If you bet on Nurmagomedov, you also need to predict how he’ll beat Ferguson.

A UFC fight can end by judges’ decision, KO/TKO, submission, draw, or disqualification.

Meanwhile, with FDGTD (fight doesn't go the distance) odds, you predict whether the UFC fight will make it to the final round.

UFC Futures

The futures betting market focuses on fights that are weeks or months away.

For example, several weeks before UFC 260, there was already widespread anticipation among MMA fans about who would emerge victorious from the Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou heavyweight rematch. Futures bets also included exactly how each fight would end.

While we try to offer a range of UFC picks that provide our players with some insight into what can happen on fight night, there’ll always be upsets in MMA.

Still, you can trust our expert picks from our UFC experts to help you make informed betting decisions.

UFC Live Betting

Betting live on MMA fights pumps up more excitement. As the fight progresses, the odds can change very rapidly.

In-play UFC betting is generally available during the entire fight. While the odds may be suspended at times, for the most part, you can bet at any time.

Available on the Android platform, our app enables you to access the same markets, games, and promotions as on your desktop site.

As you try to make the best UFC bets, you can be more selective because you have more options throughout the fight.

Other characteristics of live betting:

  • You can do live betting through the UFC site and subscribing to their streaming service to access all the fights.
  • Most tablets work similarly to mobiles, which means you can access apps, such as UFC Fight Pass or the ESPN streaming service, to watch all the UFC action.
  • The iOS and Android software loaded onto mobiles and tablets will allow you to catch all the UFC fights as they happen in real-time.
  • Like in any type of betting, UFC betting online is highly profitable if you bet on the right selections.

UFC Betting Strategies

Here are some strategies and tips to lead you in the right direction and avoid the common mistakes when betting on UFC fights.

    1. Never fully rely on statistics. Make sure to also watch fight footage, and look for the intangibles that could impact fight results.

    Don’t always bet on the favorites. Research a fighter’s past performance and get to know their fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

    1. Don’t fall for false hypes often created by the announcers and MMA media.

    You should also find out what’s going on off the mat, including backstories that happen outside of the octagon.

    1. Check whether your betting slips are accurate, especially if you’re a novice bettor. Check whether the bet amount, the odds, and the events are correct.
    1. There’ll be times when you have to pass on betting on a popular main event. If you don’t have an edge or don’t find value, don’t make a bet.
    2. Manage your bankroll. Ensure that you set aside a specific amount of money to be used for betting.

    More importantly, don’t chase losses or bet more than you typically would to make up for one big loss.

    UFC Rematch Betting Strategies

    In UFC rematches, the previous fight’s victor usually wins the rematch about 68% of the time. Still, it’s important to look at the time between the fights and how the fighters have either progressed (or regressed).

    Other factors to consider when betting on a rematch include:

    • The fighter’s age, cardio, and conditioning
    • The athlete’s fight camps, coaches, and training partners
    • Need for travel and difference in time zones and venue
    • Whether the fighter is new or a veteran

    For example, consider the 43% win rate in the last eight years, where 209 fighters won their debut while 277 lost.

    UFC Betting Tips and Trends

    • Most MMA judges give higher scores to damage (effective striking and grappling) than octagon control.
    • So much of takedowns and takedown defense isn’t just getting out of position. Most fighters are trained to get up off the bottom.
    • Fighters with many first-round knockouts are often overpriced. Favor the round winners and those that play to the MMA judges.
    • Pay attention to interviews, giving you an idea of a fighter’s mindset and desire to win.
    • When handicapping a fight, it helps if you break it down round by round.

    Handicapping MMA Fight Styles

    Styles make fights. Monitoring fighting styles can present betting opportunities or pitfalls that can help you make smart wagering decisions.

    If you’re serious about UFC betting and making real money, you need to understand the implications of each fighter’s combat techniques.

    Most UFC fighters start out in another discipline and learn other martial arts along the way. This means they have a specific skill set they heavily lean on, which can greatly impact their success and win rate in the UFC octagon.

    The octagon is the fenced eight-sided enclosure where every UFC fight takes place.

    Is UFC/MMA Betting Legal?

    Betting on MMA and other sports is allowed in states where sports betting is legal. Read more about legalized sports betting in our other articles.

    Generally speaking, betting on UFC odds from abroad shouldn’t be a problem. Still, you should always check the legality of sports betting in your state.


    1. How many UFC weight classes are there?

    There are nine classes, from strawweight to heavyweight. The UFC welterweight title is considered one of the most prestigious titles.

    For each category, there’s a UFC champion who has to fight to defend that title.

    The strawweight is women’s only division, but women also compete in the bantamweight, flyweight, and featherweight divisions.

    2. How long is a UFC fight?

    Championship fights are 25 minutes long, where each of the five rounds lasts five minutes. Non-championship fights last only three rounds or 15 minutes.

    3. Who is the UFC champion with the longest reign?

    Anderson da Silva, a Brazilian-American MMA fighter, has the longest reign as a champion. His six-year dominance as middleweight champion ended when he lost to Chris Weidman in UFC 162.

    4. How much are an average UFC fighter’s earnings?

    Data from 2020 showed that the average fighter made more than $147,000 that year. However, UFC rock stars can easily make millions through endorsements.

    5. Who owns the UFC?

    The powerhouse Hollywood entertainment company called Endeavor owns 100% of the UFC. Dana White, the face of the UFC, is its current president.

    UFC was founded by Art Davie, Campbell McLaren, Bob Meyrowitz, David Isaacs, Rorion Gracie, and John Milius in 1993.

    UFC promoters initially intended the fights to be real-life fighting video game tournaments similar to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

    6. How much is UFC’s revenue?

    UFC programming has now reached 1.1 billion households in more than 160 countries. UFC reportedly broke its financial records in 2019 and made around $900 million in revenue.