Texans vs. Panthers Odds

Both the Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers have won six division championships each. But from 2003 until 2019, they only had five games against each other.

This close-matched situation might make it difficult for many bettors to choose a clear bet.  So looking into past betting trends and matches against other teams may help bettors get more information.

Texans’ vs. Panthers’ 2020 Season Stats

The Carolina Panthers beat the Houston Texans 16-10 in the National Football League (NFL) Week 4 playoffs, held October 29, in the NRG Stadium.

The Panthers put up a defensive play near the end of the matchup to grab the victory. Quarterback Kyle Allen committed several errors, but the team stepped up their game and overcame those blunders, leading to a late-game win. Although Allen made some mistakes, the Texans couldn’t take advantage of these mistakes and ended up losing the match.

In the fourth quarter, the Panthers had a 13-10 lead when Vernon Butler sacked the Texans’ Deshaun Watson, causing a fumble that Eric Reid recovered. This move enabled the Panthers to win at 16-10, placing the Panthers in third place in the 2020 NFC South division.

During the third quarter, the Texans got the scores tied at 10-10, thanks to a touchdown from Watson. Unfortunately, that was the last score Houston got in, giving the Panthers the opportunity to dominate the fourth quarter.

Texans vs. Panthers 2020 Betting Trends

Some bettors chose Houston to win by 4.5 points. This puts them in equal standing with the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Pittsburgh Steelers, for the fifth-fewest points during the NFL Week 4.

The highest spread was given to the Los Angeles Chargers at 16.5 over the Miami Dolphins. Meanwhile,  the New York Giants and Chicago Bears were tied for the slimmest spread at 2.5 points.

The point total for the Texans vs. Panthers match was 46.5. The Lions vs. Chiefs match was the highest at 53.5, while the Broncos-Jaguars had the lowest at 37.5.

Texans vs. Panthers All-Time Series

Currently, the Panthers lead the all-time series at 3-2-0 against the Texans. Carolina has a 1-1 record at home and 2-1 away.

Houston Texans’ Record Against Current NFL Teams

Texans 2020 Regular Season Stats:

  • Kansas City Chiefs - 20-34 (L)
  • Baltimore Ravens - 16-33 (L)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - 21 - 28 (L)
  • Minnesota Vikings - 23-31 (L)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - 30-14 (W), 27-25 (W)
  • Tennessee Titans - 36-42 (L), 38-41 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - 20-35 (L)
  • Cleveland Browns - 7-10 (L)
  • New England Patriots - 27-20 (W)
  • Detroit Lions - 41-25 (W)
  • Indianapolis Colts - 20-26 (L), 20-27 (L)
  • Chicago Bears - 7-36 (L)
  • Cincinnati Bengals - 31-37 (L)

The Texans had the most wins against the Jaguars, with a record of 25-13-0. In November 2020, the Texans also won 27-25.

Their record loss was against the Colts at 9-30-0. The Texans also suffered defeat against the Bengals in the last week of the season at 31-37-0.

The Texans finished third place in the 2020 AFC South, followed by the Jaguars in fourth place. The Titans placed first, while the Colts came in second.

Carolina Panthers’ Record Against Current NFL Teams

Panthers 2020 Regular Season Stats:

  • Las Vegas Raiders - 30-34 (L)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 17-31 (L), 23-46 (L)
  • LA Chargers - 21-16 (W)
  • Arizona Cardinals - 31-21 (W)
  • Atlanta Falcons - 23-16 (W), 17-25 (L)
  • Chicago Bears - 16-23 (L)
  • New Orleans Saints - 24-27 (L)
  • Kansas City Chiefs - 31-33 (L)
  • Detroit Lions - 20-0 (W)
  • Minnesota Vikings - 27-28 (L)
  • Denver Broncos - 27-32 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - 16-24 (L)
  • Washington Football Team - 20-13 (W)
  • New Orleans Saints - 7-33 (L)

The Panthers’ record wins are against the Saints at 25-28-0, followed by the Buccaneers at 24-17-0. Their record loss is against the Atlanta Falcons at 19-33-0.

In the overall NFL 2020 League standings, the Panthers hold a 5-11-0 record, tied with the Broncos and Lions. In the NFC South division, the Panthers placed third.

The Saints and the Buccaneers lead the NFC South rankings at first and second place respectively, while the Falcons are at fourth place.

Notable Players

Among the Texans, the biggest names include Deshaun Watson, running back David Johnson, Brandin Cooks, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson.

For the Panthers, players who stand out include Teddy Bridgewater, Mike Davis, wide receiver D.J. Moore, Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Steve Smith, and Christian McCaffrey.

How to Bet on the Texans vs. Panthers

Placing your bets on either the Texans or the Panthers? Here’s how you can bet on them:

Moneyline — a simple betting method showing the potential amount you can win. A moneyline of -110 means you pay $110 for every $100 you can win. If the moneyline for the Bears is at +200, you can win $200 for every $100 you stake.

Point spread — represents the gap in scores between the teams. If you bet on the favorite team at a point spread of -7, they need to score 7 points more than the opposing team for you to win the bet.

Over/under — players bet on the total combined score of both teams. If the O/U is 46.0 and the combined final score is 48, those who bet “over” win.

In-play and live betting — cast your bet on games happening in real time. The odds fluctuate as the game progresses, so be careful when you bet. If you’re an online bettor, get access to the live event through podcasts or bet through online sportsbooks.

Parlays and teasers — you can bet on two or more selections in different sporting events. One advantage of this technique is that your initial stake and winnings are rolled into the next game. However, you risk losing your entire parlay if one of your bets loses.

Start betting on the Texans or Panthers now! If you’d rather bet on other teams like the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, or the San Francisco 49ers.