Seahawks vs Cardinals Odds, Trends & Spreads

Seahawks-Cardinals Spread

During the 2020 NFL Season, betting trends showed that the Seattle Seahawks were favored over the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks had qualified for the NFC playoffs in 2019 and again during the last season’s playoffs.

The matchups between the two teams from 1976 to 2020 remain closely matched at 22-21-1 in favor of the Hawks. With this situation, the Hawks may be easily upset by the Cards.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals 2020 NFL Season Stats

First Match - 2020 NFL Week 7

The first Seahawks vs. Cardinals match was held on a Sunday night in the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on October 25, 2020. The Cardinals won 37-34 against the Seahawks.

The game went into overtime after both teams scoring 34-34 in the fourth quarter. Hawks quarterback and MVP frontrunner Russell Wilson scored three touchdowns overall, but a touchdown by the Cards’ Kyler Murray and a field goal by Zane Gonzales evened out that score, leading to overtime.

Gonzales finished off by scoring another goal, ending the game in a win for the Cards. This was the Hawks’ first loss of the season.

Seahawks Leading Players

  • Russell Wilson (388 rushing yards, three touchdown passes, three interceptions)
  • Carlos Hyde (68 yards, one TD)
  • Tyler Lockett (200 yards, 15 receives)

Cardinals Leading Players

  • Kyler Murray (360 rushing yards, three TDs, one interception)
  • Chase Edmonds (58 yards)
  • DeAndre Hopkins (103 yards, one TD, 10 receives)

Second Match - 2020 NFL Week 11

The Hawks and the Cards met again for Thursday Night Football in CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, on November 19, 2020. This time, the Hawks beat the Cards 28-21.

Cardinals Leading Players

  • Kyler Murray (269 rushing yards, two TDs)
  • Kenyan Drake (29 yards, one TD)
  • Larry Fitzgerald (62 yards, eight receives)

Seahawks Leading Players

  • Russell Wilson (197 rushing yards, two TDs)
  • Carlos Hyde (79 yards, one TD)
  • Tyler Lockett (67 yards, 9 receives)

Postseason Match

The Hawks managed to compete in the NFC Wild Card playoff against the Los Angeles Rams but were beaten 20-30, so they couldn’t realize their chance at the Super Bowl.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals 2020 NFL Season Betting Trends

In the following matches during the 2020 NFL Season, the Hawks were the favorites while the Cards were the underdogs. This situation can be seen in these betting lines:

Seahawks vs. Cardinals Betting Odds - Week 7

Moneyline: SEA -178, ARI +167

Point spread: SEA -3.5, ARI +3.5

Over/under: 55.5

The final score was 37-34 in favor of the Cardinals. The Cards covered the point spread by 6.5 points, while the total score of 71 points put the O/U at over 15.5 points.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks Betting Odds - Week 11

Moneyline: ARI +158, SEA -168

Point spread: ARI +3, SEA -3

Over/under: 57

In the second game, the Hawks beat the Cards 28-21, putting the Hawks at +4 ATS. However, the total score of 49 points was under the O/U by eight points.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals All-Time Series

Since the first time the Hawks and the Cards played against each other in 1976, both teams have had 44 matchups up to 2020. The Hawks won 22 games while the Cards won 21. They have also had one tied game.

2020 NFL Season Matches vs. Other Teams

Seattle Seahawks Matches

  • Atlanta Falcons - (Week 1) 38-25 (W)
  • New England Patriots - (Week 2) 35-30 (W)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 3) 38-31 (W)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 4) 31-23 (W)
  • Minnesota Vikings - (Week 5) 27-26 (W)
  • San Francisco 49ers - (Week 8) 37-27 (W), (Week 17) 26-23 (W)
  • Buffalo Bills - (Week 9) 34-44 (L)
  • Los Angeles Rams - (Week 10) 16-23 (L), (Week 16) 20-9 (W)
  • Philadelphia Eagles - (Week 12) 23-17 (W)
  • New York Giants - (Week 13) 12-17 (L)
  • NY Jets - (Week 14) 40-3 (W)
  • Washington Football Team - (Week 15) 20-15 (W)
  • (Postseason NFC Wild Card) LA Rams - 20-30 (L)

Arizona Cardinals Matches

  • SF 49ers - (Week 1) 24-20 (W), (Week 16) 12-20 (L)
  • Washington Football Team - (Week 2) 30-15 (W)
  • Detroit Lions - (Week 3) 23-26 (L)
  • Carolina Panthers - (Week 4) 21-31 (L)
  • NY Jets - (Week 5) 30-10 (W)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 6) 38-10 (W)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 9) 31-34 (L)
  • Buffalo Bills - (Week 10) 32-30 (W)
  • New England Patriots - (Week 12) 17-20 (L)
  • LA Rams - (Week 13) 28-38 (L), (Week 17) 7-18 (L)
  • NY Giants - (Week 14) 26-7 (W)
  • Philadelphia Eagles - (Week 15) 33-26 (W)

2020 NFC Standings

The Hawks placed first in the NFC West division standings with 12 wins and four losses. In the same division, the Cards took third place with eight wins and eight losses.

In the team offense standings, the Cards were in sixth place with 6,153 total yardage and 410 total points, averaging 25.6 points per game.

The Hawks, on the other hand, were in 17th place. They had a total of 5,912 yards and 459 total points, or 28.7 points per game.

Notable Players

The following players have displayed exceptional performance during the 2020 NFL Season:

Seattle Seahawks

  • Russell Wilson (4,212 total passing yards)
  • Chris Carson (681 total rushing yards)
  • D.K. Metcalf (1,303 total receiving yards)
  • Jamal Adams (83 total tackles)

Arizona Cardinals

  • Kyler Murray (3,971 total passing yards)
  • Kenyan Drake (955 total rushing yards)
  • DeAndre Hopkins (1,407 total receiving yards)
  • Christian Kirk (621 total receiving yards)

How to Place a Bet on the Seahawks vs. Cardinals

With both teams closely matched in terms of games played against each other from 1976 to 2020, it may be difficult to bet on which one will win. Even in their two NFL matches in 2020, the Seahawks and Cardinals each had one win and one loss.

But looking at the betting trends of the 2020 NFL season, it is likely that the Seahawks will once again become the favorites.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which team between the Hawks or the Cards to bet on, you may want to consider betting on the spread or over/under instead.

Start betting on the Seahawks vs. Cardinals game with any of the following betting methods:

Moneyline - If you simply want to bet on which team will win or lose, moneyline bets are for you. The numbers represent the amount of money you can win or stake.

For example, if the moneyline on the Cards was set at +167 and you bet on them and they win, you get paid $167 for every $100 you staked. In contrast, if you bet on the Hawks at -178 and they win, you win $100 for every $178 you stake.

Point Spread - This is for bettors who prefer to bet on the difference between the teams’ scores.

If the Hawks’ spread was at -3.5, they have to win by more than 3.5 points. On the other hand, if the Cards’ spread was at +3.5, they should either win the match or lose but not by more than 3.5 points.

Point total or Over/under - This is the oddsmaker’s predicted final score of both teams combined. Your bet will be on whether the actual score will be over or under the predicted score.

Let’s say the predicted total score of the Hawks and the Cards was at 55.5. If the actual combined score was 71 points and you bet “Over,” you win.

Live or In-play Betting - Live betting is when you make bets on an ongoing game. You can listen to live updates on your podcast or watch the NFL games via HD channels on your TV while simultaneously placing your bets online.

Unlike in regular betting where you bet on the odds before the game starts, in live betting, the odds can change mid-game, so you have an opportunity to change your bets.

Parlays or Teasers - Parlays are bets where you can combine different games, teams, and even betting types to earn a bigger payout.

However, you need to win all the bets in a parlay for you to receive your payout. If even one of your bets loses, you will lose the entire parlay.

Prop bets - If you want to bet on certain outcomes not usually associated with the traditional moneyline, spread, or O/U betting, you can look into prop bets.