Rams vs. 49ers Odds

The San Francisco 49ers had four straight wins against the Los Angeles Rams from 2019 to 2020. Still, during the 2020 NFL Season, the Rams were the favorite while the Niners were the underdog.

It can be challenging for many bettors to decide whether to continue betting for the favorite with a series of losses or the underdog on a winning streak. It’s important to compare the teams’ all-time series stats and offensive ranking within the NFL.

Rams vs. 49ers 2020 NFL Season Stats

First Match (Rams vs. 49ers) - Week 6

The first match between the Rams and Niners was during Sunday Night Football on NFL Week 6 of the 2020 season. The match was held in the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on October 18, 2020.

Head coach Sean McVay led the Rams, while Kyle Shanahan directed the Niners. The Niners beat the Rams 24-16.

Rams Leading Players

  • Quarterback Jared Goff (198 passing yards, two touchdowns, one interception)
  • Running back Darrell Henderson (88 rushing yards)
  • Wide receiver Robert Woods (29 yards, four receives)

49ers Leading Players

  • QB Jimmy Garoppolo (268 passing yards, three touchdowns)
  • RB Raheem Mostert (65 rushing yards)
  • Tight end George Kittle (109 yards, seven receives)

Second Match (49ers vs. Rams) - Week 12

The second match was in Week 12, held in the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on November 29, 2020. The Niners beat the Rams for the second time 23-20.

Rams Leading Players

  • QB Jared Goff (198 passing yards, two interceptions)
  • RB Cam Akers (84 rushing yards)
  • WR Robert Woods (80 yards, seven receives)

49ers Leading Players

  • QB Nick Mullens (252 passing yards, one interception)
  • RB Raheem Mostert (43 rushing yards)
  • WR Deebo Samuel (133 yards, 11 receives)

Postseason Matchups

Despite losing both matches to the Niners, the Rams made it to the postseason playoffs. On January 9, 2021, the NFC Wild Card match happened between the Rams and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Rams won the match, 30-20, and proceeded to the divisional playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately, the Rams did not make it and bowed out to the Packers 18-32, dashing the Rams’ hope of playing in the Super Bowl.

National Football Conference (NFC) West Standings

For the 2020 season, the Rams secured second place in the NFC West division with 10 wins and six losses. The Niners landed fourth place, with six wins and 10 losses.

Rams vs. 49ers 2020 NFL Season Betting Trends

The following are the betting lines for the 2020 NFL games between the Rams and Niners.

Rams vs. 49ers Odds - Week 6

Moneyline: LAR -128, SF +118

Point spread: LAR -2.5, SF +2.5

Over/under: 51.5

The Niners (SF) won 24-16 over the Rams (LAR), covering the spread by staying within 10.5 points. The total combined score was 40, which was 11.5 points under the O/U score.

49ers vs. Rams Odds - Week 12

Moneyline: SF +205, LAR -225

Point spread: SF +5, LAR -5

Over/under: 44.5

The Niners beat the Rams again, 23-20, covering the spread. With a total combined score of 43 points, the score is under the O/U by 1.5 points.

Rams vs. 49ers All-Time Series

From 1950 up to 2020, the Rams and Niners have had 143 matchups. The Rams won 67 games while the Niners won 73 games (including one NFC championship game in 1990). They have also tied 3 times.

2020 NFL Season Matches

Los Angeles Rams (10 wins, 6, losses)

  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 1) 20-17 (W)
  • Philadelphia Eagles - (Week 2) 37-19 (W)
  • Buffalo Bills - (Week 3) 32-35 (L)
  • New York Giants - (Week 4) 17-9 (W)
  • Washington Football Team - (Week 5) 30-10 (W)
  • Chicago Bears - (Week 7) 24-10 (W)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 8) 17-28 (L)
  • Seattle Seahawks - (Week 10) 23-16 (W), (Week 16) 9-20 (L)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (Week 11) 27-24 (W)
  • Arizona Cardinals - (Week 13) 38-28 (W), (Week 17) 18-7 (W)
  • New England Patriots - (Week 14) 24-3 (W)
  • New York Jets - (Week 15) 20-23 (L)
  • (Postseason - NFC Wild Card) Seattle Seahawks - 30-20 (W)
  • (Postseason - NFC Divisional Playoff) Green Bay Packers - 18-32 (L)

San Francisco 49ers (6 wins, 10 losses)

  • Arizona Cardinals - (Week 1) 20-24 (L), (Week 16) 20-12 (W)
  • NY Jets - (Week 2) 31-13 (W)
  • NY Giants - (Week 3) 36-9 (W)
  • Philadelphia Eagles - (Week 4) 20-25 (L)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 5) 17-43 (L)
  • New England Patriots - (Week 7) 33-6 (W)
  • Seattle Seahawks - (Week 8) 27-37 (L), (Week 17) 23-26 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 9) 17-34 (L)
  • New Orleans Saints - (Week 10) 13-27 (L)
  • Buffalo Bills - (Week 13) 24-34 (L)
  • Washington - (Week 14) 15-23 (L)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 15) 33-41 (L)

Offensive Ranking

During the 2020 NFL Season, the Rams ranked eleventh overall in terms of offense. They had 2,018 rushing yards and 4,014 passing yards, for a total of 6,032 yards. They scored a total of 372 points, or an average of 23.2 points per game.

In the same season, the Niners were in fifteenth place. They had 1,889 rushing yards and 4,033 passing yards, totalling 5,922 yards. They got 376 total points, slightly higher than the Rams, with an average of 23.5 points per game.

Notable Players

LA Rams

  • Jim Everett (QB)
  • Steven Jackson (RB)
  • Jared Goff (QB)
  • Cooper Kupp (WR)
  • Aaron Donald (DT)
  • Malcolm Brown (RB)
  • Tyler Higbee (TE)

SF 49ers

  • Joe Montana (QB)
  • Jerry Rice (WR)
  • Frank Gore (RB)
  • Nick Mullens (QB)
  • Jeffrey Wilson (RB)
  • Brandon Aiyuk (WR)
  • Richard Sherman (DB)

Ways to Bet on the Rams vs. 49ers

Throughout the entire 2020 NFL Season, the Rams remained one of the favorite teams based on their overall ranking and performance.

However, the Rams failed to cover the spread in both matches, despite the Niners being the underdog. Additionally, the Niners won more matches against the Rams from 1950 up to 2020.

You should consider looking into this information when making your bets. If you are unsure about the betting odds for the Rams as a favorite or the Niners as the underdog, consider either the point spread or over/under score instead.

You can bet on the Rams vs. 49ers using the following betting methods:

Moneyline - If you bet on the 49ers with a moneyline of +118, you will receive $118 for every $100 you stake if they win. On the other hand, if you bet on the Rams at -128, you will receive $100 for every $128 you staked.

Point spread - This is betting on the points gap between teams. If you bet on the Rams at -5, the team should win with more than a five-point spread against the Niners for you to win.

If you bet on the Niners at +5 spread, the team should win or not lose by more than five points for you to win.

Over/under - You predict the combined final scores of both teams and bet whether the total score is over or under the oddsmaker’s predicted score.

In-play or live betting - Bet on a game that is happening in real time. Betting odds may change as the game progresses, so bet with caution.

Parlays or teasers - Bet on two or more outcomes and combine them to earn a bigger payout. Note that each play must win in order to cash out.

Prop bets - You bet on the outcome of an event or performance of a player or team.

Examples of prop bets are:

Will QB Tom Brady achieve the longest touchdown?

Will the Atlanta Falcons score more than 20 points on Monday Night?

How long will the national anthem be sung during the Super Bowl?