Raiders-Ravens Odds

Most fans enjoy wagering on the Super Bowl to make NFL betting even more exciting. If you're a sports enthusiast who wants to try betting but is having a hard time understanding the odds and betting lines, this article is for you.

Here, we cover the stats of both teams from their previous matches, as well as the results from the all-time series. Information about betting trends is also included in the discussion.

Stats: Raiders vs. Ravens

All-Time Series

The Raiders and the Ravens’ first face-off was in 1996. It was also the first game in Raven’s franchise history. Over the years, the two teams closely contested defensive battles, in which Ravens took two of three games between 1998 and 2003.

During the 2000 AFC championship game, the Ravens made it to the Super Bowl by forcing five turnovers, leading to their 16-3 victory over the Raiders.

The Ravens defense displayed in Super Bowl XXXV against the New York Giants was dominant. However, their defense in that year’s Super Bowl was nothing compared to the AFC championship.

The AFC finals perfectly described the level of burden Baltimore defense had to carry. On the other hand, their offense was a 96-yard touchdown pass, which is the longest TD pass in NFL playoff history.

2020 NFL Season

Last season, the Ravens and the Raiders finished second in their division. The Las Vegas Raiders went 8-8, missing the playoffs, while the Baltimore Ravens went 11-5 by winning the tie-break over the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens also gifted the AFC North two of three wild card games.

Baltimore fell short of the AFC North championship in 2020 after their matchup with Pittsburgh. Even so, their last year’s standing was undoubtedly promising.

Baltimore ended last season with double-digit wins and covers. Out of their 16 games, the Ravens covered ten against the spread. They’re second in the league only to the Miami Dolphins, while Buffalo Bills came in third. Thus, they’re one of the three NFL teams projected to win more games this season. Check the NFL odds here.

2021 Opening Week

The final game of the NFL 2021 opening week featured the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens. It was a wild first game with fans at the Allegiant Stadium. Vegas was at +5 home underdogs on Monday Night Football. The intense matchup ended, favoring Baltimore by a touchdown.

The 6-point spread is the fifth-largest among Week 1 betting odds. The matchups with four larger margins include games between the Bucs and the Cowboys (-6.5), Bills and Steelers (-6.5), 49ers and Lions (-7.5), and Rams and Bears with (-7) point favorites.

This season, the Raiders sat at (6-3) before the collapse and had wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and the Browns. Derek Carr ended the season with the most NFL fumbles.

The Las Vegas Raiders free agency was a roller coaster for the team. Their decision to cut-then-trade pro bowl center Rodney Hudson to get pass-rusher Yannick Ngakoue left fans baffled.

The Raiders’ offseason moves also include NFL draft picks consisting of Leatherwood and Gillespie. Still, the Raiders took some heavy losses, with Maliek Collins and Lamarcus Joyner bolting new homes.

Vegas finished at (2-5) despite starting 2020 with a 6-3 standing and victories over the Chiefs, the Saints, and the Browns.

On the other hand, the Baltimore Ravens entered the 2021 NFL season with sky-high expectations set by 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson.

Last season was also a solid one, although Buffalo knocked them out in the second round. Still, Baltimore finished with 11 wins and clinched a playoff berth.

NFL Media Coverage

ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NBC broadcast NFL games. The league also offers free live streaming.

For further updates regarding NFL teams, such as Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Los Angeles Chargers, visit the NFL website.

Betting Trends: How to Bet on the Raiders and Ravens

Point Spread Bets

Point spread bets are popular among bettors because they represent wagers on how much an NFL team will win or lose. A minus sign (-) indicates the favorite team, while a plus sign (-) shows the underdogs.

If the Ravens are 4.5 point favorites, for example, a bet on the Baltimore spread would win if the Ravens beat the Raiders by five or more points.

The margin of victory is critical in the given scenario. If Las Vegas won by a field goal, they’d win the matchup but still fail to cover the spread.


If you’re confident that the Ravens will likely win Super Bowl LV, for example, you can bet on the moneyline. It’s a wager on which team will win outright.

Point Totals (Over/Under)

The Baltimore offense is very efficient this season, so it may surprise you to know that it wasn’t the case last year. The Ravens went under the total often the previous season.

For example, the Ravens are playing the Bengals, and the oddsmakers peg the total at 47 points. If Cincinnati and Baltimore’s final combined score is 48 points or more, over bettors win.

However, if Baltimore finished the game at exactly 47 points (37-10), the over/under bet would be a push.

It’s easy to get carried away with electrifying matchups that involve possible cash-in. Still, you need to stay in control of your spending.