Lions-Vikings Spread

For the past seven games from 2017 up to the last week of the 2020 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings had a winning streak against the Detroit Lions.

This matchup history has put the Vikings as the favorite team. But will the Vikings continue their win record, or will the Lions offer better betting odds?

Lions vs. Vikings 2020 NFL Season Stats

During the 2020 NFL season, the Vikings and the Lions placed third and fourth place, respectively, in the NFC North division standings. The Vikings had seven wins and nine losses, while the Lions had five wins and 11 losses.

These standings were not enough to qualify either team for the NFL postseason playoffs. Thus, they were also unable to participate in the Super Bowl.

2020 NFL Week 9

The first game between the Lions and the Vikings was held on November 8, 2020, in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The Vikings, the home team, won the game 34-20.

The Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins scored three touchdowns while the Lions’ Matthew Stafford and Chase Daniel threw one touchdown each. The Vikings’ running back Dalvin Cook scored two rushing touchdowns as well.

Week 9 Leading Players

Passing Yards

  • (DET) Matthew Stafford (211 yards, one TD)
  • (MIN) Kirk Cousins (220 yards, three TDs)

Rushing Yards

  • (DET) D’Andre Swift (64 yards)
  • (MIN) Dalvin Cook (206 yards, two TDs)

Receiving Yards

  • (DET) Danny Amendola (77 yards)
  • (MIN) Justin Jefferson (64 yards).


  • (MIN) Eric Wilson
  • (MIN) Harrison Smith
  • (MIN) Eric Kendricks

2020 NFL Week 17

On January 3, 2021, the second match was held in Ford Field in Detroit. Despite being on the road, the Vikings won for a second time, 37-35.

Week 17 Leading Players

Passing Yards

  • (MIN) Kirk Cousins (405 yards, three TDs)
  • (DET) Matthew Stafford (293 yards, three TDs)

Rushing Yards

  • (MIN) Alexander Mattison (95 yards, one TD)
  • (DET) Adrian Peterson (63 yards, one TD)

Receiving Yards

  • (MIN) Justin Jefferson (133 yards)
  • (DET) Marvin Jones (180 yards)


  • (MIN) Harrison Smith

Lions vs. Vikings Betting Trends Last Season

The following betting lines show the Vikings vs. Lions odds during the 2020 NFL season.

2020 NFL Week 9

Moneyline: Vikings -165, Lions +155

Point spread: Vikings -3, Lions +3

Over/under: 51.5

The final score of 34-20 placed the Vikings at +11 ATS, covering the spread by a large margin. Meanwhile, the total combined score was 54 points, over the O/U by 2.5 points.

2020 NFL Week 17

Moneyline: Vikings -170, Lions +160

Point spread: Vikings -3, Lions +3

Over/under: 53.5

Despite the Vikings winning the match at 37-35, the score gap was not wide enough. The Lions covered the spread with +1 ATS.

The total combined score of 72 exceeded the O/U by 18.5.

Lions vs. Vikings All-Time Series

From their first game in 1961 until the last week of the 2020 NFL season, the two teams matched up 119 times. The Vikings won 78 games while the Lions won 39. They have also tied two times.

2020 NFL Season Standings

The Lions ranked 20th with a total score of 377 points or an average of 23.6 points per game. The Vikings, on the other hand, are at fourth place with 430 points or 26.9 points per game.

Detroit Lions 2020 Regular Season Matchup Stats

  • Chicago Bears - (Week 1) 23-27 (L), (Week 13) 34-30 (W)
  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 2) 21-42 (L), (Week 14) 24-31 (L)
  • Arizona Cardinals - (Week 3) 26-32 (W)
  • New Orleans Saints - (Week 4) 29-35 (L)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - (Week 6) 34-16 (W)
  • Atlanta Falcons - (Week 7) 23-22 (W)
  • Indianapolis Colts - (Week 8) 21-41 (L)
  • Minnesota Vikings - (Week 9) 20-34 (L)
  • Washington Football Team - (Week 10) 30-27 (W)
  • Carolina Panthers - (Week 11) 0-20 (L)
  • Houston Texans - (Week 12) 25-41 (L)
  • Tennessee Titans - (Week 15) 25-46 (L)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (Week 16) 7-47 (L)

Minnesota Vikings 2020 Regular Season Matchup Stats

  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 1) 34-43 (L), (Week 8) 28-22 (W)
  • Indianapolis Colts - (Week 2) 11-28 (L)
  • Tennessee Titans - (Week 3) 30-31 (L)
  • Houston Texans - (Week 4) 31-23 (W)
  • Seattle Seahawks - (Week 5) 26-27 (L)
  • Atlanta Falcons - (Week 6) 23-40 (L)
  • Chicago Bears - (Week 10) 19-13 (W), (Week 15) 27-33 (L)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 11) 28-31 (L)
  • Carolina Panthers - (Week 12) 28-27 (W)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - (Week 13) 27-24 (W)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (Week 14) 14-26 (L)
  • New Orleans Saints - (Week 16) 33-52 (L)

Notable Players

Detroit Lions

  • Barry Sanders (RB)
  • Bobby Layne (QB)
  • Joe Schmidt (LB)
  • Kenny Golladay (WR)
  • Matthew Stafford (QB)

Minnesota Vikings

  • Alan Page (DT)
  • Randy Moss (WR)
  • Fran Tarkenton (QB)
  • Kirk Cousins (QB)
  • Justin Jefferson (WR)

How to Bet on the Lions vs. Vikings

A quick glance at the Vikings-Lions all-time series matchups and NFL standings shows that the Vikings are the favorite among the two teams. Six of the last seven games from 2017 to 2020 had the Vikings win by more than the 3-point spread.

If this trend continues, the Vikings might still be the favorite. In this case, bettors going for the Lions odds might consider betting on the spread.

Moneyline - It’s a straightforward betting method where you pick the team you believe will win. If your team has -110 odds, you will receive $100 for every $110 staked. Odds of +110 mean you’ll receive $110 for every $100 staked.

Point Spread - You place your bet on the spread determined by the sportsbook. The team with a (-) sign is the favorite, while the one with a (+) sign is the underdog.

If the New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams match had a +/-3 spread and the Rams are the crowd favorite, their score should be more than three points against the Giants for you to win.

Alternatively, if you bet on the Giants, they should either not lose by more than three points or win the match outright.

Point Total (Over/under) - The final scores of both teams are combined, and you pick whether the total score is higher or lower than the one set by the oddsmaker.

If the odds are set at O/U 45.5 and the total combined score is 49, those who picked “over” win.

Parlays or Teasers - Bettors can bet on more than one event in different matches, sports, or leagues.

In a parlay, if a bettor bets on a Raiders vs. Eagles match, they can also bet on the Cleveland Browns in another NFL game and the Baltimore Ravens in another. That would be a total of three games.

Want to make your NFL picks and try out your betting odds? Our sportsbook features many sports betting options, such as betting on other sports leagues like the MLB, events like the NBA Finals, or various sports such as ice hockey or horse racing.