Jaguars vs. Bengals Odds

When the Jacksonville Jaguars welcomed their 2021 NFL Draft first pick Trevor Lawrence into their roster, you might wonder if it would reverse the Jaguars’ losing streak from last season.

Some bettors might take advantage of this roster change, but others might think adding a new player isn’t enough to turn the tide. The odds will be affected not only by the teams’ past performances, but also by the players.

Jaguars vs. Bengals 2020 NFL Stats and Performance

The 2020 NFL Season playoffs kicked off with a Thursday night football matchup between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs on 10 September. The first win went to the Chiefs, 34-20. 

On NFL Week 4 Sunday, the Jaguars went up against the Cincinnati Bengals in the Paul Brown Stadium in Ohio. The Bengals won 33-25, bringing their running score to 1-2-1 while the Jaguars went down 1-3-0.

In the first quarter, the Jags got the lead with seven points against the Bengals with three. A couple of interceptions were made early, one by the Bengals’ Jordan Evans and another by the Jaguars’ Myles Jack.

Quarterback Joe Burrow also overthrew an open A.J. Green, and a touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd was denied thanks to a holding penalty.

The second and third quarters saw a reversal, at 7-6 and 17-0 respectively, for a running total of 27-13 in favor of the Bengals. By the fourth quarter, the Jags turned it around with 12-6, but it was not enough. The game ended with 33-25 for a Bengals win.

Jags QB Gardner Minshew scored two touchdowns, and wide receiver D.J. Chark scored two of his own. Burrow scored a touchdown, while running back Joe Mixon scored two plus a third with a swing pass from Burrow.

In the end, both teams got fourth place in their respective divisions. For the American Football Conference (AFC) North division, the Jags ended with 1-15-0. In the AFC South, the Bengals scored 4-11-1. Being in last place, the Jaguars and Bengals couldn’t qualify for Super Bowl LV, which saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2020 Regular Season Stats

  • Indianapolis Colts - (Week 1) 27-20 (W), (Week 17) 14-28 (L)
  • Tennessee Titans - (Week 2) 30-33 (L), (Week 14) 10-31 (L)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 3) 13-31 (L)
  • Houston Texans - (Week 5) 14-30 (L), (Week 9) 25-27 (L)
  • Detroit Lions - (Week 6) 16-34 (L)
  • Los Angeles Chargers - (Week 7) 29-39 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 10) 20-24 (L)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - (Week 11) 3-27 (L)
  • Cleveland Browns - (Week 12) 25-27 (L)
  • Minnesota Vikings - (Week 13) 24-27 (L)
  • Baltimore Ravens - (Week 15) 14-40 (L)
  • Chicago Bears - (Week 16) 17-41 (L)

Cincinnati Bengals 2020 Regular Season Stats

  • LA Chargers - (Week 1) 13-16 (L)
  • Cleveland Browns - (Week 2) 30-35 (L), (Week 7) 34-37 (L)
  • Philadelphia Eagles - (Week 3) 25-25 (T)
  • Baltimore Ravens - (Week 5) 3-27 (L), (Week 17) 3-38 (L)
  • Indianapolis Colts - (Week 6) 27-31 (L)
  • Tennessee Titans - (Week 8) 31-20 (W)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - (Week 10) 10-36 (L), (Week 15) 27-17 (W)
  • Washington Football - (Week 11) 9-20 (L)
  • New York Giants - (Week 12) 17-19 (L)
  • Miami Dolphins - (Week 13) 7-19 (L)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 14) 7-30 (L)
  • Houston Texans - (Week 16) 37-31 (W)

Jaguars vs. Bengals 2020 Betting Trends

Here are the betting lines for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals odds during the 2020 NFL Season:

  • Spread: Bengals -3
  • Over-under: 49 points
  • Moneyline: Bengals -160, Jaguars +140

The last three games from 2017 to 2020 show the Jags leading over the Bengals at 2-1. Looking at the betting odds mentioned above, however, the Bengals appear to be the favorites while the Jags are the underdogs.

Jaguars vs. Bengals All-Time Series

From 1995 to 2020, both teams have played against each other 23 times, with the Jags leading 13-10 over the Bengals.

Between the teams, the Jags scored a total of 521 points and the Bengals had 428 points.

Notable Players

Jacksonville Jaguars:

  • Tony Boselli (LT)
  • Jimmy Smith (WR)
  • Fred Taylor (RB)
  • Gardner Minshew (QB)
  • James Robinson (RB)

Cincinnati Bengals:

  • Anthony Muñoz (OT)
  • Ken Anderson (QB)
  • Boomer Esiason (QB)
  • Joe Burrow (QB)
  • Joe Mixon (RB)

How to Bet on the Jaguars vs. Bengals Match

Many factors may determine whether the Jags or the Bengals will be favored to win. With the stats of their past matches so close to each other, it might come down to how their players, especially the new ones, will carry the game.

If you have decided which team to back, here are some ways you can bet on them:

Moneyline — A moneyline of -120 means that for every $120 you bet, you win $100. Meanwhile, a +150 means that for every $100 you stake, you will receive $150.

Point spread — A point spread of -4 means that the selected team must score 4 points more than the other team for you to win the bet. If the point spread is +4, the lower-scoring team must win outright or not lose by more than 4 points.

Over/under — The points of both teams are added together, and players bet on what the total combined score will be. If the O/U is 40 and the final score of both teams is 38, those who bet on “under” win.

In-play/live betting — This is betting as the game is going on. Take extra care with in-play betting, since the odds may vary as the game goes on. Online bettors can bet through sportsbooks or access the live sports event through podcasts.

Parlays/teasers — You place your bets on two or more selections in different matches (it can also be different sports). This method has a high potential payout, but you can lose your entire stake and accumulated earnings if you lose even one bet.