Giants vs Washington Odds, Trends & Spreads

Giants vs. Washington Spread

Did you know that the storied rivalry between the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team dates back to 1932? 

Before you place a bet on a game between the two NFL teams, finding out the Giants vs. Washington spread and over/under is just the start. You’ll also need to learn key information about the history of these teams to make the best bets. 

Giants vs. Washington: 2020 Stats 

Week 6 

Line: New York -3

Over/Under: 43

Giants: During this NFL week, Big Blue faced Washington with a 0-5 record for the sixth time in the franchise’s history. 

Washington: Lower Washington odds were partly due to the team being ranked last in total offense and 30th in points per game. 

Week 9 

Line: Washington -1

Over/Under: 43

Giants: NYG faced Washington with a 1-7 record, far behind the Bucs and Chiefs. They still beat the opposing football team 23-20 by a field goal to avenge the week 6 loss. 

Washington: The team had edged the Giants 20-19 at FedEx Field in October but ended up splitting their two 2020 matchups.  

NFL cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cleveland experienced reduced total attendance of 1.2 million fans during the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This situation encouraged many football fans to watch NFL games on CBS and Fox and get league updates through podcasts.     

The Washington team, first founded as the Boston Braves, faced their yearly rematch versus the Giants with a slightly better 2-5 record.  

Giants vs. Washington: 2020 Betting Trends

Week 6

In their first five games, the Giants covered the spread three times. Meanwhile, Washington had lost four games before facing the Giants. During the last week before game day, the spread dropped to 3.0 by Monday. 

The over/under bets started at 44.5 Sunday night. Meanwhile, the Giants and Washington were among three NFL teams to average under 20 points by week 6.

Week 9 

Both teams entered the game, failing to cover three times during the season. In addition, the NFL rivals both had negative point differentials for the season.  

The over/under bets opened at 43.

Giants vs. Washington: All-Time Series 

As of July 2021, the New York Giants and former Washington Redskins have played 178 times, including two postseason games. Their first gridiron battle took place nearly nine decades ago, in 1932.

Washington crushed the Giants 28-0 in a 1943 NFL Division playoff. Decades later, the Giants blanked the Redskins 17-0 during the 1986 NFC Championship game.  

As of July 2021, the Big Apple team leads the all-time series with 104 regular-season wins, while the Washington Football Team has won 68 games. The two squads have tied four times.   

Giants vs. Washington: Matchup History 

Greatest Games 

1939 Season: Giants 9, Redskins 7

The game’s winner would earn a spot in the NFL Championship. Washington was trailing 9-7 in the final minutes, then missed a late-game field goal. The Giants eventually lost the championship to the Green Bay Packers.

1966 Season: Redskins 72, Giants 41

This offensive shootout became the NFL’s highest-scoring game in league history. 

The Giants quarterbacks combined for three touchdowns and five interceptions, while Washington’s QB Sonny Jurgensen tossed three of the team’s seven touchdowns.

1986 NFC Championship: Giants 17, Redskins 0

The Giants blanked the Redskins 17-0 to qualify for the Super Bowl. Interestingly, the second half was 0-0 since New York scored all its points during the first half.  

Infamous Moments 

1937: Washington’s fans paraded in New York City while singing Hail to the Redskins. It seemed to work since the squad then dismantled the Giants 49-14.

1939: Giants won 9-7 after the referee controversially ruled Washington’s last-minute field goal attempt as no good. 

1966: The Redskins defeated the Giants 72-41 in the NFL’s all-time highest score.

1985: Washington won the Monday Night Football game but lost their quarterback Joe Theisman due to a career-ending injury. 

Notable Players 

New York Giants

  • Lawrence Taylor
  • Harry Carson
  • Eli Manning
  • Sam Huff
  • Frank Gifford
  • Emlen Tunnell
  • Andy Robustelli
  • Michael Strahan
  • Rosey Brown
  • Mel Hein

Washington Football Team 

  • Sonny Jurgensen     
  • Sammy Baugh     
  • John Riggins     
  • Cliff Battles     
  • Paul Krause     
  • Art Monk 
  • Ken Houston     
  • Chris Hanburger     
  • Sam Huff     
  • Deacon Jones     

Giants vs. Washington: How to Bet 

You have several betting options, from money line to prop bets. Wagering options also include other NFC East rivals like the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.  

Money Line: This is the easiest bet in which the bettor selects the game’s straight-up winner or loser, such as the Vikings or Jets. This betting type doesn’t include the point spread.  

Point Spread:  It’s determined by how many points a football team wins or loses. For example, the favored team is indicated by a negative point spread, such as “Saints -2.5.” Meanwhile, the underdog is assigned a positive point spread. For instance, “Rams +2.5.”

Point Total: The over/under projects the total points scored in a game. For example, a match between the Raiders and Patriots.

Parlays: These bets have multiple “legs,” and you must win all the legs to win the bet, such as ones including the Titans and Broncos. 

Teasers: The bettor can move each point spread to a more favorable line. Keep in mind that this action can reduce the odds of NFL picks, such as the Cardinals and Seahawks.  

Live Betting: Like in NBA games, you can place these bets after a contest starts and before it ends. An example is a Lions and Bears matchup.