Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Odds & Trends

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Odds

From 2001 to 2017, the New England Patriots won against the Atlanta Falcons six times in a row. From a betting perspective, this streak is one reason why the Patriots are usually the favored team.

Bettors keen on staking on ways other than just picking which team wins will need additional information on how they can bet on the Falcons vs. Patriots match.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Stats

Super Bowl LI

The Falcons and the Pats faced each other at Super Bowl LI as part of the 2016 NFL championship playoffs. It was held on February 5, 2017, at the NRG Stadium in Houston at 6:30 PM EDT.

At the start, the Pats were unable to score until near the end of the second quarter with a field goal from the Pats’ kicker Stephen Gostkowski. The first half ended 3-21 in favor of the Falcons.

By the third quarter, the Pats went on the offensive while the Falcons’ points remained unmoving. The second half ended at 28-28 and went into overtime.

The Pats’ running back James White scored an overtime touchdown, and the Patriots won 34-28.

2017 NFL Season Performance

During the 2017 NFL regular season, the Falcons and the Pats had another matchup on Sunday night of Week 7 in the Gillette Stadium. The Pats won against the Falcons, 23-7.

2020 NFL Season Matches

Atlanta Falcons Matches

  1. Seattle Seahawks - 25-38 (L)
  2. Dallas Cowboys - 39-40 (L)
  3. Chicago Bears - 26-30 (L)
  4. Green Bay Packers - 16-30 (L)
  5. Carolina Panthers - 16-23 (L)
  6. Minnesota Vikings - 40-23 (W)
  7. Detroit Lions - 22-23 (L)
  8. Carolina Panthers - 25-17 (W)
  9. Denver Broncos - 34-27 (W)
  1. New Orleans Saints - 9-24 (L)
  2. Las Vegas Raiders - 43-6 (W)
  3. New Orleans Saints - 16-21 (L)
  4. Los Angeles Chargers - 17-20 (L)
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 27-31 (L)
  6. Kansas City Chiefs - 14-17 (L)
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 27-44 (L)

New England Patriots Matches

  1. Miami Dolphins - 21-11 (W)
  2. Seattle Seahawks - 30-35 (L)
  3. Las Vegas Raiders - 36-20 (W)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs - 10-26 (L)
  1. Denver Broncos - 12-18 (L)
  2. San Francisco 49ers - 6-33 (L)
  3. Buffalo Bills - 21-24 (L)
  4. New York Jets - 30-27 (W)
  5. Baltimore Ravens - 23-17 (W)
  6. Houston Texans - 20-27 (L)
  7. Arizona Cardinals - 20-17 (W)
  8. Los Angeles Chargers - 45-0 (W)
  9. LA Rams - 3-24 (L)
  10. Miami Dolphins - 12-22 (L)
  11. Buffalo Bills - 9-38 (L)
  12. NY Jets - 28-14 (W)

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Betting Trends

The following are the past betting lines between the Falcons and the Pats:

Super Bowl LI Betting Odds

Moneyline: Patriots -143, Falcons +133

Point spread: Patriots -3, Falcons +3

Over/under: 57

Winner: Patriots (34-28)

Spread: Patriots (+3 ATS)

O/U: 62 (+5)

2017 NFL Season Betting Odds

Moneyline: Falcons +130, Patriots -140

Point spread: Falcons +3, Patriots -3

Over/under: 56.5

Winner: Patriots (23-7)

Spread: Patriots (+13 ATS)

O/U: 30 (-26.5)

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots All-Time Series

The Falcons and the Pats played against each other 15 times from 1972 to 2017. The Pats led the series 9-6-0 against the Falcons.

In the 2020 division rankings, the Falcons placed fourth in the NFC South with a 4-12 record. In the AFC East division, the Pats landed third place at 7-9.

Notable Players

Some exceptional players include QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones of the Falcons, and QB Tom Brady and RB James White of the Pats.

Ryan was the 2016 NFL MVP, while Brady received the same title in 2017.

How to Bet on the Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

From the last season’s performance and all-time series records shown in this article, the Pats can be considered the point favorites and the Falcons as the underdogs.

You can bet on the Falcons vs. Patriots match in various ways, such as:

Point spread - Teams with a negative spread are the favorites and must win the game by more than a specific number of points. Those with positive numbers are the underdogs and must not lose by more than the number set by the oddsmaker.

Over/under - You predict whether the total combined points in a match will go over or under the score set by the oddsmaker.

Moneyline - This option involves picking the team you think will win the match. Let’s say you bet on the Indianapolis Colts at +105. If they win, you will receive $105 for every $100 you bet.

Parlays or teasers - A betting type that combines two or more bets for a bigger chance to win bigger payouts. You must win all bets for the parlay bet to succeed.

Live or in-play betting - Live bets involve staking while listening to a podcast episode or watching a game live via ESPN or other channels.