Eagles vs. Buccaneers Odds

From their first matchup in 1977 until their recent games, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles have run neck-and-neck in wins and losses.  With such closely matched figures, choosing which team to bet on can be tricky. 

To make the best decisions, you need to look at factors beyond the matches between these two teams.

Eagles vs. Buccaneers Stats Last Season

Eagles 2020 NFL Season Stats

In the last week of the 2020 NFL regular season, the Philly Eagles had four wins, 11 losses, and one tied match. The results put them in fourth place in the National Football Conference (NFC) East division. The Washington Football Team, the New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys placed first, second, and third in the same division, respectively.

As of January 2021, the leading players in yardage were quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts, running back Miles Sanders, and wide receiver Travis Fulgham.

2020 NFL Regular Season Matches

  • Washington Football Team - (Week 1) 17-27 (L), (Week 17) 14-20 (L)
  • Los Angeles Rams - (Week 2) 19-37 (L)
  • Cincinnati Bengals - (Week 3) 23-23 (T)
  • San Francisco 49ers - (Week 4) 25-20 (W)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - (Week 5) 29-38 (L)
  • Baltimore Ravens - (Week 6) 28-30 (L)
  • New York Giants - (Week 7) 22-21 (W), (Week 10) 17-27 (L)
  • Dallas Cowboys - (Week 8) 23-9 (W), (Week 16) 17-37 (L)
  • Cleveland Browns - (Week 11) 17-22 (L)
  • Seattle Seahawks - (Week 12) 17-23 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 13) 16-30 (L)
  • New Orleans Saints - (Week 14) 24-21 (W)
  • Arizona Cardinals - (Week 15) 26-33 (L)

Buccaneers 2020 NFL Season Stats

In the same season, the Buccaneers had 11 wins and five losses, putting them in second place in the NFC South division, next to the New Orleans Saints. The Carolina Panthers took third place, and the Atlanta Falcons landed fourth.

The Bucs continued to play in the NFC divisional championship game, winning 31-26 against the Green Bay Packers and eventually making it to the Super Bowl. 

The Bucs went against the Kansas City Chiefs and defeated them 31-9 to become the Super Bowl LV champions. This was the Bucs’ second Super Bowl win; the first time was back in 2002, when they played against the Oakland Raiders and won 48-21.

As of February 2021, the Bucs players with the highest yardage were QB Tom Brady, RB Ronald Jones II, WR Mike Evans, and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

2020 NFL Regular Season Matches

  • New Orleans Saints - (Week 1) 23-34 (L), (Week 9) 3-38 (L)
  • Carolina Panthers - (Week 2) 31-17 (W), (Week 10) 46-23 (W)
  • Denver Broncos - (Week 3) 28-10 (W)
  • Los Angeles Chargers - (Week 4) 38-31 (W)
  • Chicago Bears - (Week 5) 19-20 (L)
  • Green Bay Packers - (Week 6) 38-10 (W)
  • Las Vegas Raiders - (Week 7) 45-20 (W)
  • NY Giants - (Week 8) 25-23 (W)
  • LA Rams - (Week 11) 24-27 (L)
  • Kansas City Chiefs - (Week 12) 24-27 (L)
  • Minnesota Vikings - (Week 14) 26-14 (W)
  • Atlanta Falcons - (Week 15) 31-27 (W), (Week 17) 44-27 (W)
  • Detroit Lions - (Week 16) 47-7 (W)

2020 NFL Postseason Matches

  • NFC Wild Card - vs. Washington Football Team - 31-23 (W)
  • NFC Divisional Playoff - vs. New Orleans Saints - 30-20 (W)
  • NFC Championship - vs. Green Bay Packers - 31-26 (W)
  • Super Bowl LV - vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 31-9 (W)

Eagles vs. Buccaneers 2018 Match Stats

The 2018 NFL Week 2 game between the Eagles and the Bucs took place on September 16 in the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Bucs won over the Eagles 27-21.

The Bucs’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (who signed with NFC East’s Washington Football Team on March 18, 2021) scored four touchdown passes. 

The Eagles’ Nick Foles, who had been with the Bears since 2020, scored only one. Other players who scored touchdowns for the Eagles were Corey Clement and Jay Ayaji.

Eagles vs. Buccaneers NFL Odds Last Season

Here’s a look at the betting odds between the two teams, based on their 2018 NFL Week 2 gameplay:

Spread: Buccaneers +3

Eagles -3

Over-under: 46.5 points

Moneyline: Buccaneers +150

Eagles -130

Based on past trends, the Eagles were the point favorites over the Bucs.

However, with a  27-21 win over the Eagles, the Bucs covered the spread by more than three points. Since the total combined score of both teams is 48, it exceeded the O/U by 1.5 points.

Eagles vs. Buccaneers All-Time Series

The Eagles and the Bucs have played each other 19 times from 1977 to 2018. Within this time, they had one divisional playoff game, two wild-card games, and one championship game. As of September 2018, the score between them was at 10-9-0 in favor of the Eagles.

Notable Players

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Reggie White (DE)
  • Chuck Bednarik (LB)
  • Steve Van Buren (RB)
  • Darius Slay (DB)
  • Miles Sanders (RB)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Derrick Brooks (LB)
  • Lee Roy Selmon (DE)
  • Warren Sapp, (DT)
  • Tom Brady (QB)
  • Mike Evans (WR)

How to Bet on the Eagles vs. Buccaneers

The Bucs may have won a couple of Super Bowl championships, but as of 2020, the Eagles still lead their all-time series matches. Trades and NFL drafts have shifted the roster between games.

Here are some ways you can bet on the Bucs or the Eagles:

Moneyline - A moneyline of -160 will give you $100 for every $160 you bet. Alternatively, +160 means that you will receive $160 for every $100 you paid. For example, if you bet on the Houston Texans at +150 and they win, you receive $150.

Point spread - A point spread of -4.5 means the favored team, the Eagles, for example, must win by more than 5 points for you to win your bet on them.

Let’s say the Bucs are the 4.5-point underdog. You win your bet on them if they win outright or don’t lose the game by any more than 5 points.

Over/under - This represents the combined scores of both teams. If the O/U is 40 and the final score of both teams was 42, those who bet “over” win.

In-play or live betting - This is betting after the game has already started. This carries a little more risk, since the odds can vary as the game takes place.

Parlays/teasers - You can bet on two or more teams in different matches, leagues, or sports. This method has a high potential payout, but you can also lose your whole stake and earnings if you lose just one bet.