Dolphins vs Ravens Odds, Trends & Lines

Dolphins-Ravens Odds

With two Super Bowl championships under their belts, the AFC East team Miami Dolphins and the AFC North team Baltimore Ravens have proven that they’re the ones to beat.

Want to bet on either of them? This article aims to help you understand NFL betting odds and betting lines for these two teams.

Dolphins-Ravens: All-Time Series

Memorable Games

October 19, 1997:Following the Ravens’ arrival in the NFL in 1996, the first meeting between the Dolphins and Ravens took place at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium. Second-year running back Karim Abdul-Jabbar was the star of Miami as he rushed for 108 yards and three touchdowns, leading to a 24-13 Miami victory.

December 16, 2007:The Dolphins’ Greg Camarillo caught a short pass from Cleo Lemon and raced 64 yards to the end zone in OT for a 22-16 victory for Miami.

August 17, 2017:The Baltimore Ravens improved to 2-0 during the NFL preseason football game with a 31-7 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

August 25, 2018:The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Miami Dolphins, 27-10. The matchup was held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Super Bowl Championships

The Miami Dolphins had two Super Bowl championships. The AFC team prevailed as champs in 1973 and 1974.

Meanwhile, the Ravens also had two Super Bowl titles:Super Bowl XXXV, where they beat the Giants, and Super Bowl XLVII, where they defeated the 49ers.

Dolphins-Ravens: Stats Last Season

NFL 2019 Week 1

Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson had five touchdown passes during the Week 1 matchup that humiliated Miami Dolphins and rookie coach Brian Flores with a 59-10 final score.

Baltimore set a franchise record for scores in the first half and an NFL record for points in the first round of the opening week. The Ravens also took a 42-10 lead at the break. They broke the franchise record for points and total yards with 643.

Dolphins-Ravens: 2019 Betting Trends

Week 1 Betting Trends and Notes

  • The Dolphins were 0-8 against the spread in the history of their series with the Ravens and 0-5 at home.
  • Baltimore was dominant in the run game on both sides of the ball. In the NFL league, the Ravens’ rush offense was 152.6 yards per game, while their run defense was 82.9 yards per game.
  • Miami had a vastly different look after trading away offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, wide receiver Kenny Stills, and linebacker Kiko Alonso to compile the draft picks for the coming seasons.

Predictions: Baltimore Ravens 27, Miami Dolphins 10


In 2019, Baltimore was a huge favorite (-320), while Miami was the underdog (+250).

Against the Spread

The point spread had jumped to +7. Baltimore was expected to cover the possible turnovers by halftime to secure the Week 1 win.


The issue with the total of 38.5 was that Miami had to score some points to hit “Over.” In contrast, Baltimore needed to have more than 30 points to get it. Thus, oddsmakers leaned on “Under” (-110) because they believed that the Ravens could work the clock throughout the game.

Dolphins vs. Ravens: How to Bet

This 2021 NFL season, you can bet on the moneyline if you think the Dolphins or the Ravens can win straight up.

You may also try futures bets. These are long-term stakes that can range from the offseason to an entire season. Common futures involve win totals, players’ performances, and award winners.

A prop bet is also a good option, as it revolves around an individual player’s performance. For example, you can bet on Miami’s Tua and Ryan Fitzpatrick if you like their performances.

Where to Watch

Major TV networks like CBS, ESPN, and NBC broadcast NFL matchups. The NFL also offers free live streaming and podcast episodes of every game in the USA today.

For playoffs, wildcard rounds, and last year’s standings of different teams, visit the official NFL page to keep yourself updated.

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