Colts vs Jaguars Odds, Trends & Spreads

Colts-Jaguars Spread

With eleven wins and five losses in the 2020 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts were among the top NFL teams of the season. The Colts also placed second in the AFC South division standings.

In comparison, the Jacksonville Jaguars had 15 losses and only one win in the same season, placing fourth in the AFC South rankings.

The Jaguars may appear to be the underdogs with these stats. However, the team’s quarterback and 2021 NFL Draft first overall pick, Trevor Lawrence, may provide them a fighting chance.

These developments and other team performances may be factored in bettors' decisions when staking on the next Jaguars vs. Colts match.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Stats

2020 NFL Season Performance

NFL Week 1

The Week 1 match between the Colts and the Jags for the 2020 season was held at TIAA Bank Field.

The Colts dominated the first half with two touchdowns and a field goal. Meanwhile, the Jags only managed to make two touchdowns. The Colts led at 17-14.

By the second half, the Jags turned the game around and led with two field goals and a touchdown, while the Colts got only one field goal in.

The Jags beat the Colts 27-20.

NFL Week 17

The second match was on the last week of the regular season and held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on January 3, 2021.

The Colts led the first half at 20-7, scoring two touchdowns and two field goals against the Jags’ single touchdown. In the second half, both teams scored a touchdown each, while the Colts maintained the lead.

The Colts won the match 28-14 against the Jags.

2020 NFL Season Matches

Indianapolis Colts Matches

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - 20-27 (L)
  2. Minnesota Vikings - 28-11 (W)
  3. New York Jets - 36-7 (W)
  4. Chicago Bears - 19-11 (W)
  5. Cleveland Browns - 23-32 (L)
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - 31-27 (W)
  1. Detroit Lions - 41-21 (W)
  2. Baltimore Ravens - 10-24 (L)
  3. Tennessee Titans - 34-17 (W)
  4. Green Bay Packers - 34-31 (W)
  5. Tennessee Titans - 26-45 (L)
  6. Houston Texans - 26-20 (W)
  7. Las Vegas Raiders - 44-27 (W)
  8. Houston Texans - 27-20 (W)
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers - 24-28 (L)
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars - 28-14 (W)

Jacksonville Jaguars Matches

  1. Indianapolis Colts - 27-20 (W)
  2. Tennessee Titans - 30-33 (L)
  3. Miami Dolphins - 13-31 (L)
  4. Cincinnati Bengals - 25-33 (L)
  5. Houston Texans - 14-30 (L)
  6. Detroit Lions - 16-34 (L)
  7. Los Angeles Chargers - 29-39 (L)
  1. Houston Texans - 25-27 (L)
  2. Green Bay Packers - 20-24 (L)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers - 3-27 (L)
  4. Cleveland Browns - 25-27 (L)
  5. Minnesota Vikings - 24-27 (L)
  6. Tennessee Titans - 10-31 (L)
  7. Baltimore Ravens - 14-40 (L)
  8. Chicago Bears - 17-41 (L)
  9. Indianapolis Colts - 14-28 (L)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Trends

2020 NFL Season Week 1 Betting Odds

Moneyline: Colts (IND) -315, Jaguars (JAX) +265

Point spread: Colts (IND) -7, Jaguars (JAX) +7

Over/under: 44.5

Winner: Jaguars (27-20)

Spread: Jaguars (+14 ATS)

O/U: 47 (+2.5)

2020 NFL Season Week 17 Betting Odds

Moneyline: Jaguars (JAX) -825, Colts (IND) -1400

Point spread: Jaguars (JAX) +15.5, Colts (IND) -15.5

Over/under: 48

Winner: Colts (28-14)

Spread: Jaguars (+1.5 ATS)

O/U: 42 (-6)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars All-Time Series

From 1995 through January 2021, the Colts and the Jags have played against each other 40 times. The Colts won 25 matchups, putting them in the lead in the series, while the Jags only won 15.

Notable Players

Indianapolis Colts

  • Philip Rivers
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Michael Pittman
  • DeForest Buckner

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Gardner Minshew
  • James Robinson
  • D.J. Chark
  • Mike Glennon
  • Trevor Lawrence

How to Bet on Colts vs. Jaguars Odds

Moneyline - The moneyline is a straight-up bet on which team wins in a match. Suppose during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs match, the Cowboys have moneyline odds at -130, and the Chiefs are at +110.

If you bet $130 on the Cowboys and they win, you will receive $100. If you bet $100 on the Chiefs and they win, you receive $110.

Point Spread - This method is a bet wherein a team has to win or lose by a certain number of points for the bettor to win the bet.

If the Cowboys’ spread is at -2.5, they have to win by three points or more. At a +2.5 spread, the Chiefs have to either win the match or lose by two points or fewer.

Over/Under - This bet predicts whether the combined scores of both teams will go over or under a set score.

Suppose in the Cowboys vs. Chiefs match, the O/U is 52.5. If you bet on the “over,” the teams’ combined score must be 53 points or more. If you bet “under,” the total score must be 52 points or fewer.

Live Betting - You may place bets on ongoing sports events while watching the game live, either in the venue or on a live broadcast like CBS or ESPN.

Some online sportsbooks have a live betting feature. If you are on the go, download our free app on your mobile device. Bet on live events now and get updated with the latest odds and betting lines while on the road.

Futures - In futures betting, you may place bets on sporting events that will happen in the distant future. For example, you may bet on the postseason playoffs or the Super Bowl as early as the preseason.

Prop Bets - These bets are placed on sporting milestones that may not necessarily be affected by the outcome of a game. Some examples are the following:

  • Which team picks a quarterback in the third round of the NFL Draft?
  • Which team wins their first three games in the regular season?
  • Will the Colts’ cornerback Kelly Moore score three interceptions next season?
  • Will the Colts’ QB Philip Rivers exceed 4,000 passing yards next season?
  • How many rushing yards will the Jags’ running back James Robinson run next season?