Cardinals vs 49Ers Odds, Trends & Lines

Cardinals-49ers Odds

Few teams get to play two games against each other in one season. The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers happen to be two of those teams.

It’s important to check each teams’ stats to know whether a team is worth betting on.

Cardinals vs. 49ers 2020 NFL Season Stats

Prior to their first match during the 2020 regular season, the Niners had a handful of injured players. The Cardinals, on the other hand, toughened their defense. The Cards were motivated to get into the NFC West playoffs to grab the Wild Card spot, one step closer to qualifying for the postseason Super Bowl LV.

First Match - Week 1

The first 49ers-Cardinals match was in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on September 13, 2020. The Cards won 24-20 against the Niners. The game began with a goal from Niners kicker Robbie Gould, followed by a touchdown by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. In the fourth quarter, QB Kyler Murray and running back Kenyan Drake each scored a touchdown for the Cards. Garoppolo scored his second touchdown for the Niners.

Cardinals Leading Players

  • Passing: Kyler Murray (230 passing yards, one touchdown, one interception)
  • Rushing: Kyler Murray (91 rushing yards, one touchdown, 13 carries)
  • Receiving: DeAndre Hopkins (151 receiving yards, 14 receives)

49ers Leading Players

  • Passing: Jimmy Garoppolo (259 yards, two touchdowns)
  • Rushing: Raheem Mostert (56 yards, 15 carries)
  • Receiving: Raheem Mostert (95 yards, four receives, one touchdown)

Injured Players (Out of the Game, Did Not Play)

  • (ARI) Josh Jones (Ankle)
  • (SF) Deebo Samuel (Foot)
  • (SF) Jason Verrett (Hamstring)

Second Match - Week 16

Both teams had their second match in Glendale’s State Farm Stadium on December 26. This time, the Niners beat the Cards 20-12.

Cardinals Leading Players

  • Passing: Kyler Murray (247 yards, one interception)
  • Rushing: Kyler Murray (75 yards, eight carries)
  • Receiving: Christian Kirk (76 yards, seven receives)

49ers Leading Players

  • Passing: C.J. Beathard (182 yards, three touchdowns)
  • Rushing: Jeffrey Wilson (183 yards, 22 carries)
  • Receiving: George Kittle (92 yards, four receives)

Injured Players (Out of the Game, Did Not Play)

  • (ARI) Dennis Gardeck (Knee)
  • (SF) Raheem Mostert (Ankle)
  • (SF) Nick Mullens (Right elbow)
  • (SF) Deebo Samuel (Hamstring)
  • (SF) Richard Sherman (Calf)
  • (SF) Jimmie Ward (Concussion)

Some injured players, such as the Cards’ Chase Edmonds and Haason Reddick or the Niners’ Javon Kinlaw, had limited practice participation but were not out of the game.

2020 NFL Season Offense Stats

For the entire 2020 season, the Cards ran a total of 6,153 yards for an average of 384.6 yards per game. Their total score was 410 points, averaging 25.6 points per game. Overall, they ranked sixth in offense, right after the Green Bay Packers.

In the same season, the Niners’ total yardage was 5,922, or 370.1 yards per game. Their total score was 376, or 23.5 points per game. These offense stats placed them at fifteenth, behind the Dallas Cowboys.

Cardinals vs. 49ers Betting Odds Trends for NFL 2020

NFL Week 1

  • Moneyline: Cardinals +260, 49ers -290
  • Point spread: Cardinals +7, 49ers -7
  • Over/under: Under 48.5

With the Cards winning 24-20, they covered the spread at +11 ATS. Their total combined score was 44, which was 4.5 points short of the O/U score.

NFL Week 16

  • Moneyline: 49ers +240, Cardinals -260
  • Point spread: 49ers +6, Cardinals -6
  • Over/under: Under 49

The 49ers vs. Cardinals odds reversed after their first game, and so did the results of the second game. The Niners won 20-12, covering the spread at +14 ATS.

The total score of both teams was 32, under the O/U by 17 points.

49ers vs Cardinals All-Time Series

Since 1951, the two teams have met 59 times, with the Niners winning 32 games and the Cards winning 27. In the 2020 NFC West division, the Cards landed third place at 8-8-0. The Niners took fourth place at 6-10-0.

Notable Players

Arizona Cardinals

  • Larry Fitzgerald (WR)
  • Dick Lane (CB)
  • DeAndre Hopkins (WR)
  • Kenyan Drake (RB)
  • Patrick Peterson (CB)

San Francisco 49ers

  • Jerry Rice (WR)
  • Joe Montana (QB)
  • Nick Bosa (DE)
  • Brandon Aiyuk (WR)
  • Jeff Wilson (RB)

How to Bet on the Cardinals vs. 49ers

Since the last week of the 2020 NFL season, the Niners have won more matches against the Cards. But NFC West rankings show that the Cards performed better. In terms of offense, the Cards also had the upper hand.

Injuries are also an unpredictable factor, and this may affect betting decisions. And if their 2020 NFL games were an indicator, it would seem that the underdog has a good chance of winning. Take a look at the following bets and see which one interests you:

Moneyline - If you bet on a moneyline of -250 and win, you’ll receive $100 for every $250 you stake. Alternatively, wagering at +250 means you can win $250 for every $100 you bet.

Point spread - The spread represents the score difference between teams. A favored team with a point spread of -5 means it has to win by more than six points.

Over/under - You bet on the predicted combined score of both teams in a matchup. If the O/U was 49 and the actual game score was 46, those who bet “under” would win.

In-play and live betting - You bet on your team while the match is ongoing in real-time.

Parlays and teasers - You bet on two or more teams in different matches or leagues. The risk is high, but so is the payout.