Broncos-Browns Spread

The Denver Broncos have robbed the Cleveland Browns of the opportunity to appear in the Super Bowl over the years. Will the Browns outplay the Broncos this time? 

This article features the stats of Denver and Cleveland, their memorable games, and the NFL betting trends and betting odds last year.  

Broncos-Browns: All-Time Series

Almost but Not Quite  

The Cleveland Browns had eight professional championships. They secured four titles in the All-America Football Conference and another four in the NFL. However, Cleveland remains one of the current NFL football teams to never make an appearance in the title game in the Super Bowl era. 

Since the Super Bowl first happened on January 15, 1967, the Browns have come close to appearing in the championship game on five occasions: the 1968 NFL Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, the 1969 NFL Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings, and the 1986, 1987, and 1989 AFC championship games against the Denver Broncos.  

The 1986 AFC Championship

After the 1986 season, the Browns finished at 12-4 and earned home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs. They opened the scoring when QB Bernie Kosar hit running back Herman Fontenot with a six-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. 

The Broncos eventually fought back to take a 13-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter. Denver set up one of the most memorable finishes in AFC league history. 

After beating Cleveland, the Denver Broncos lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI. 

The 1987 AFC Championship 

A year later, Cleveland and Denver met again. The game started worse for the Browns, as they turned the ball over on each of their first two possessions. The Denver Broncos then built a 21-3 lead at halftime. 

Cleveland came out firing in the second half and scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. They tied the game at 31 when QB Bernie Kosar hit wide receiver Webster Slaughter with a four-yard TD pass with 11 minutes left in the matchup. 

After QB John Elway of the Broncos hit Sammy Winder with a 20-yard TD pass to reclaim the lead, Kosar and the Browns offense took over at their 24-yard-line. The offense drove to the Broncos’ eight-yard-line with a few minutes left to tie the game. 

But on a draw play, Earnest Byner of the Browns was stripped of the ball at the Broncos’ two-yard-line. Denver recovered, and the Super Bowl dream was over for Cleveland for another year.

After beating the Browns, the Broncos lost to the Washington Football Team in Super Bowl XXII.   

The 1989 AFC Championship 

Cleveland lost to Denver again 21-37. It was also the Browns’ last AFC title appearance. Meanwhile, Denver lost to the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV.

Stats Last NFL Season and Betting Trends  

2018 NFL Week 15

Quarterback Baker Mayfield led the Browns past the Broncos 17-16 on Saturday Night Football. Mayfield’s two-yard TD pass to Antonio Callaway with under 12 minutes left in the game provided the winning margins for Cleveland (6-7-1). 

The Browns also had an emerging run game led by rookie Nick Chubb, who had averaged 84 yards in his seven starts with a TD in five games.

Betting Lines and Odds

Cleveland posted an 8-5 record against the spread heading into their Week 15 game with the Broncos. Denver was favored by 1.5 after the spread opened, while the over/under was at 47.      

2019 NFL Week 9   

The Denver Broncos won over the Cleveland Browns at home 24-19. Brandon Allen of the Broncos had a solid NFL debut, finishing 12 of 20 for 193 yards and two TDs. 

Betting Lines and Odds 

During the Week 9 matchup, the Cleveland Browns were a favorite against the Denver Broncos, the underdogs. Oddsmakers predicted that the Browns had a 56% chance of winning the game. The actual point spread was the Browns -2, giving slight value to the Broncos. The over/under was projected at 40.3, giving a little weight to the over bet. 

During the game, the Broncos took a 17-12 halftime lead by holding the Browns to four field goals. Denver won over Cleveland 24-19. 

Broncos-Browns: How to Bet

If you want to bet on either NFL team, here are four betting options you can try:

  • Moneyline
  • Point spread
  • Over/under (totals)
  • Parlays and teasers 

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