Bills vs Jets Odds, Trends & Spreads

Bills-Jets Spread

The AFC East rivals Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have met 121 times between 1960 and 2020, including one postseason NFL game.

The Bills have earned bragging rights for leading the series with 65 wins. But with the New York Jets’ resilience, will Buffalo still keep their advantage?

Bills-Jets: All-Time Series

Head-to-Head Analysis

The Buffalo Bills have been leading the overall series over the Jets 65-56.

Their rivalry has been steady over the years. In the 70s, the two teams had a split of 20 games. Meanwhile, BUF dominated the Jets in the 60s, 80s, and 90s.

One notable moment between these two AFC East teams was when O.J. Simpson broke an NFL rushing record against the NYJ during a playoff matchup.

The Buffalo Bills also made a controversial move when they hired former NYJ coach Rex Ryan for two years. Ryan led the Bills from 2015-2016 after serving the Jets for five years.

Bills vs. Jets: Postseason Success

The Bills and the Jets met in the playoffs during the 1981 AFC Wild Card game. The Buffalo Bills emerged as victors 31-27 after a significant 24-0 lead.

Neither of these two AFC East teams has had much success in their years as a franchise.

The New York Jets have made the playoffs 14 times, four less than their rivals, the Bills. Buffalo has been leading in division championships with 11 wins versus the Jets’ four.

Winning the AFC conference is not an easy feat, and the NYJ have yet to accomplish that. On the contrary, the Buffalo Bills dominated the AFC conference from 1990 to 1993. Unfortunately, they failed to win the Super Bowl in any of those seasons.

Neither of the two teams has won a Super Bowl championship since the AFL-NFL Merger in the 70s. However, the Bills have had two AFL titles compared to just one for the Jets.

Jets vs. Bills: Stats Last Season

The NFL 2020 Week 7 Highlights

Before the Jets vs. Bills NFL Week 7 matchup, Buffalo lost its last two games to the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans after starting the regular season with 4-0.

The New York Jets hosted the Buffalo Bills in an AFC East showdown in their October 2020 matchup at MetLife Stadium.

The Buffalo Bills finished with 232 more yards than the NYJ and won the matchup 18-10. However, BUF didn’t manage to get a touchdown.

Since the Bills couldn’t find the end zone, they got their points primarily from the six field goals to overpower the winless Jets.

Buffalos’ Quarterback Josh Allen finished with a passer rating of 129.70. The Bills also had a great defense, which embarrassed the Jet’s offensive line by sacking QB Sam Darnold six times.

The Bills proved their might as they beat the New England Patriots during their 2020 Week 8 matchup right after defeating the Jets.

Bills-Jets: The NFL 2020 Week 7 Leaderboard

Passing Yards

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets

Josh Allen 30-43, 307 total yards

Sam Darnold 12-23, 120 total yards, two interceptions

Rushing Yards

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets

Josh Allen 11 CAR, 61 YDS

Frank Gore 11, CAR 60 YDS

Receiving Yards

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets

Cole Beasley 11 REC, 112 YDS

Denzel Mims 4 REC, 42 YDS


CAR - carries

YDS - ​​total rushing yards

REC - total receiving yards

Bills-Jets: 2020 Betting Trends

Betting Insights for the Bills

  • The Buffalo Bills had a 3-2 record against the spread in the NFL 2020 season.
  • Buffalo had an ATS record of 3-2 during the game. The Bills were also 1.5-point favorites.
  • Five of BUF’s games last season had hit the “over.”

Betting Insights for the Jets

  • The NYJ were 0-6 against the spread last year.
  • The Jet’s games went over the “point total” in three out of six opportunities in the NFL 2020 season.
  • The Jets were the underdog team in most of their matches.

Bills-Jets: How to Bet

You can bet on the moneyline if you think either the Bills or Jets can win outright. Check out the NFL odds here to help you decide.

A point spread is also a good betting option since it has three possible results: win, loss, or push. A push occurs when the game’s outcome falls precisely on the point spread margin, leading to a canceled stake.

One type of point spread is a teaser. An NFL teaser bet can be a combination of two or more straight bets in which every individual betting line has been changed to your favor.

You can tease your NFL picks by 6, 6.5, or 7 points.

For example, the Buffalo Bills are taking on the New York Jets. The odds show the Bills as 8.5-point favorites.

With a 6-point teaser, you can change that line in your favor, so you’ll be able to back Buffalo at -2.5.

The change of line means that, instead of the Bills having to win by at least nine points, they now only have to win by three points. However, in this strategy, your payout is much lower.

You can also try betting on the totals. In over/under bets, you predict whether the total points will be “over” or “under” the betting line posted.

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