Bill vs Buccaneers Odds, Trends & Lines

Bills vs. Buccaneers Odds

Did you know the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have only played about a dozen times since 1976?

For first-time NFL bettors, betting on the Super Bowl 55 championship game, conference championship, or Bills vs. Buccaneers odds may seem confusing. Understanding the fundamentals about betting on this AFC/NFC matchup can help you make the best bets.

We give you information on game stats from the last Bucs vs. Bills game, recent betting trends, and the all-time series of Bills vs. Buccaneers. More importantly, we give you tips on betting on Bills vs. Bucs odds.

Buccaneers vs. Bills: Past Game Stats

Week 7 (2017)

Point Spread: BUF -3, TB +3

Over/Under: 45

Result: The Bills defeated the Buccaneers 30-27 in the regular-season game, but they didn’t cover the spread. The total combined score was 57, so the game went over.

The Buccaneers (2-3) went head-to-head with the Bills (3-2) in Week 7 at New Era Field.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills needed a big game from RB LeSean McCoy to give QB Tyrod Taylor run-pass options.

The offensive line also had to defend against defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and linebacker Lavonte David in particular.

Buffalo had a plus-eight turnover margin for the season.

The Bills’ secondary made many big plays during the season, including forced turnovers. Safety Micah Hyde led the football league with four interceptions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs started Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB. This was the second consecutive year he played his old team, since he was a Jets player the previous season.

A crucial part of the Bucs’ rushing game was RB Doug Martin. Tampa Bay needed to improve its run defense.

Buccaneers vs. Bills Betting Trends

In 2013, the Bucs won the last game between the teams 27-6. The game took place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

The last four games between the two teams included results with double-digit margins.

Buccaneers vs. Bills: All-Time Series Facts

As of September 2021, the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers played 11 times (never in playoffs during the postseason). The Bucs won 7 games, and the Bills won 4 games.

Buccaneers vs. Bills: How to Bet

Point Spread: This bet is also popular in pro leagues like the NBA. The number of points by which a particular team wins or loses determines the bet’s result. Teams either win or lose against the spread (ATS).

Here’s an example:

Buccaneers -3 vs. Bills +3

The minus sign (-) indicates the Bucs are the favorite, and the plus sign (+) indicates the Bills are the underdog.

Buffalo “covers the spread” if they win by four or more points. A Bills bet wins if the Bills lose by fewer than three points or win outright.

Prop Bets: These side bets are on particular events like touchdowns in the Packers games or the MVP awards, for instance.

Parlay: This bet has multiple parts known as “legs.” Bettors must win each leg to win the bet. For example, parlays may include bets on:

  • Super Bowl LV
  • AFC Championship game
  • NFC Championship game
  • Divisional round
  • Wild Card round

Live Betting: You can place bets after the opening kickoff is aired on networks like CBS. Bettors can place bets during different stages, such as the first half or second half.

Over-/Under: This is also known as a totals bet that’s on the projected combined score of the two football teams.

Moneyline: This straight-up bet requires a bettor to pick the game’s winning team.

If you want to bet on the Bills and Bucs, you can make several kinds of bets, which you can also use for bets on other teams, including:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Carolina Panthers
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You can also bet on NFL players like:

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