Bears vs Vikings Odds, Trends & Lines

Bears-Vikings Odds

The NFC North rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings has been boiling since 1961.

The NFC North rivals have met 120 times, including one postseason game. The Vikings have led the series with 61 wins, while the Bears have had 57.

There have been multiple back-and-forth games and numerous football players on both rosters. But which NFL team is better?

If you want to back either squad in the 2021 NFL season, you’re in the right place. This article can help you understand the Bears-Vikings odds. We include their memorable games, stats from previous seasons, and the 2020 betting trends.

Bears vs. Vikings: All-Time Series

Notable Moments

Minnesota’s Upset Win

The Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings first met in 1961. It was the Vikings’ first game as an NFL franchise, so it was a surprise when they pulled an upset win against the dominant Chicago Bears. The final score was 37-13.

An Intense Game at Soldier Field

Chicago hosted Minnesota at Soldier Field on October 14, 2007. The matchup was scoreless until Devin Hester of the Bears returned a punt for an 89-yard touchdown only two minutes before the first quarter ended.

However, Minnesota’s QB Tarvis Jackson launched a 60-yard TD pass to wide receiver Troy Williamson. The Bears then threw for 373 yards, and Brian Griese added three TDs and two picks for Chicago.

On the other hand, the Minnesota Vikings attacked with the help of rookie Adrian Peterson’s 224 rushing yards. With five minutes in regulation, the Vikings stormed to a 31-17 lead.

Chicago’s Brian Griese tied the game with only 1:38 left. Still, the Minnesota Vikings won the game, 34-31.

The Highest Scoring Matchup

The highest-scoring matchup between the Bears and Vikings happened on October 19, 2008. Chicago won against Minnesota, 48-41.

Kyle Orton of the Bears threw for 283 YDS and two TDs, while the Vikings’ Gus Frerotte made 298 passing YDS and two TDs. However, Frerotte made four interceptions.

Bears-Vikings Rematched

The Chicago Bears and the Vikings played on December 1, 2013, for a rematch that turned into an overtime thriller. The Bears missed a few notable players in the game because of injuries.

Still, Chicago performed well during the matchup and even tried an unexpected 66-yard field goal. The game went into OT.

Blair Walsh kicked a 39-yard field goal for Minnesota but made a facemask penalty that negated his score.

Chicago tried a 47-yard field goal on the second down. Unfortunately, the ball sailed far to the right, which ended the team’s drive. The Vikings then got the ball and won.

Bears vs. Vikings: Stats Last Season

2020 NFL Week 15

Chicago kept its NFL playoff hopes alive with a 33-27 victory over Minnesota at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

The Bears had a 7-7 standing and won back-to-back games since October 8 and 18. They were behind the Arizona Cardinals (7-6), who played against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Chicago’s kicker Cairo Santos had four field goals. He also made a 42-yarder that gave the Bears a six-point lead.

Chicago withstood a last-minute Minnesota drive. The Bears’ cornerback Sherrick McManis intercepted Vikings’ Kirk Cousins’ pass in the end zone. The Chicago Bears also punted on their first drive of the matchup and scored on six straight drives.

Chicago’s QB Mitchell Trubisky tossed an interception to Minnesota's Cameron Dantzler on the seventh drive in the end zone. However, the Bears’ defense stopped on the fourth down.

Running back David Montgomery of the Bears rushed for 146 YDS and two TDs on 32 carries. Meanwhile, Chicago’s Trubisky finished with 15 of 21 passes for 202 YDS and a touchdown pass.

On the contrary, Minnesota’s running back Dalvin Cook made 24 carries for 132 YDS. At the same time, QB Kirk Cousins completed 24 of 35 passes for 271 YDS and two TDs.

Bears vs. Vikings: Betting Trends Last Season

Bears-Vikings Week 15 Matchup

The Bears-Vikings betting line showed that the Vikings were a 3.5-point home favorite, while the game total was 46.5 points. Chicago was the +150 moneyline underdog, while Minnesota’s moneyline was -182.

The Minnesota Vikings won four of their last six games. Their first meeting with the Bears was also a success. Minnesota won the matchup, 19-13, at Soldier Field.

On the other hand, the Bears were underdogs for the 11th time in 13 games during the 2020 NFL season. Both Chicago and the Vikings were 6-7 ATS (against the spread) overall.

For the over/under bets, many bettors chose “under” despite the Bears’ blowout win (36-7) over the Texans on Week 14.

Meanwhile, the “over” bettors cashed in eight of Minnesota’s 13 games.

How to Bet

You can risk on the moneyline if you think either the Bears or Vikings can win outright. A minus (-) sign represents the favorite team to win, while a plus (+) sign represents the underdog squad.

A moneyline tells you the amount you can receive on a $100 stake. Your bet can either win or lose, depending on the fate of the football squad you supported.

For instance, the betting odds +200 mean that you’ll get a payout of $200 if you bet $100 on a team and your prediction is correct.

Meanwhile, -230 moneyline odds mean you have to stake $230 to win $100 if the football team you backed wins.

A point spread is also a popular betting option. It has three possible outcomes: win, loss, or push. A push takes place when the result of a match falls precisely on the point spread margin, leading to a canceled bet.

You can also try prop bets. These are novelty stakes on the occurrences or nonoccurrences in a matchup.

A prop bet may revolve around a team’s milestone or an individual player’s performance. You may want to check out the NFL stars below if you’re thinking of betting on player props:

  • Eric Kendricks of the Vikings
  • Buster Skrine of the Bears
  • Adam Thielen of the Vikings
  • Alexander Mattison of the Vikings
  • Kyle Rudolph of the Vikings
  • Justin Jefferson of the Vikings
  • Dan Bailey of the Vikings
  • Allen Robinson of the Bears
  • Nick Foles of the Bears
  • Khalil Mack of the Bears

Where to Watch Bears-Vikings Matches

The NFL offers free live streaming and podcast episodes of the football matchups, including the playoffs, regular and offseason games, and the Super Bowl.

Visit the official NFL page if you want updates on other NFL teams, such as those listed below:

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NFL betting is fun, but it can be addicting. This hobby may start as a harmless diversion, but it might lead to an unhealthy obsession if you aren’t careful.