Bears-Rams Odds

The Chicago Bears and the Los Angels Rams have new quarterbacks for the 2021 football season. The Bears traded Mitchell Trubisky with Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, and the Rams’ Jared Goff was replaced for Matthew Stafford.

How will these new developments impact the performance of both teams? Which team will benefit from the roster change? Bettors who have so far relied on the teams’ past performances have to consider changing players as another factor when betting.

Bears vs. Rams Stats and 2020 Season Performance

Last season’s Week 7 Monday Night Football (MNF), held in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, saw the LA Rams beat the Bears 24-10. The Rams had a mainly defensive performance during the match.

Rams’ Gameplay and Notable Players

In a post-game conference on October 27, 2020, Rams’ head coach Sean McVay acknowledged his players’ teamwork and solid defense as primary factors for winning against the Bears in their Week 7 match.

The Rams placed second in the 2020 National Football Conference (NFC) West standings. The San Francisco 49ers got fourth place, and they broke the tie over the New York Giants on a head-to-head win percentage.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals placed third and the Seattle Seahawks took first place.

Notable players that led the Rams to their Week 7 victory against the Bears include quarterback Jared Goff, running back Malcolm Brown, cornerback Jalen Ramsey, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and punter Johnny Hekker.

Bears’ Gameplay and Notable Players

Also in Week 7, the Bears put a lot of effort into their offense against the Rams but committed some mistakes. These mistakes included an early-game penalty and several missed throws by quarterback Nick Foles.

The Bears’ single touchdown came from their defense. Safety Eddie Jackson recovered a fumble and turned it into a score.

Aside from Foles and Jackson, notable players during the match include running back David Montgomery, wide receiver Allen Robinson II, and punter Pat O’Donnell.

Despite their loss, the Bears landed second place in the 2020 NFC North standings, followed by the Minnesota Vikings at third and the Detroit Lions at fourth. The Green Bay Packers took first place.

Bears vs. Rams 2020 Season Betting Trends

The betting lines for the NFL odds showing the past season’s betting trends for the Bears vs. Rams match were as follows:

  • Moneyline: Bears +235, Rams -275
  • Point spread: Rams -6.5
  • Point total (over-under): 44.5 points
  • CHI: 3-0 against the spread on the road
  • LAR: Plus-6.3 point differential

The Rams have a good chance to cover the spread. Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd have good sacking records.

Since 2014, Donald has had a record of 85.5 sacks, while Floyd has had a career-high record of 10.5 sacks in 2020.

Bears vs. Rams All-Time Series

The Bears and Rams have met a total of 95 times as of October 27, 2020. The Bears still hold a 54-38-3 advantage over the Rams.

In their last five games against the Bears, the Rams won 24-10 last October 2020, 17-7 in November 2019, and 42-24 in November 2013.

The Bears’ latest wins over the Rams were in 2015 and 2018, at 37-13 and 15-6, respectively.

How to Bet on the Bears vs. Rams Odds

Both teams have dominant defenses and a recent change of quarterbacks. It comes down to which team deals a better offense to determine who will win.

Bettors placing their bets on either the Bears or the Rams for their NFL Week playoffs have the following options:

Moneyline - This represents a cash amount to be won. Favored teams have negative numbers, like -6.5, while underdogs have positive numbers, like +5.5. Odds of -150 mean bettors have to bet $150 to win $100. If the odds for the Bears are at +200, you can win $200 for every $100 staked.

Point spread - This is betting by the point difference between teams. If you bet on the Rams spread at -6, for example, you win if they score 6 points more than the Bears.

Over/under - The final score of both teams are combined. Players bet if the score is over or under a certain number. If the O/U is 45 and the total score is 42, those who bet on “under” win.

In-play and live betting - Bettors cast their bets even as betting odds fluctuate while the match progresses. Bettors not attending the event in person can be updated through podcasts or bet through online sportsbooks like

Parlays and teasers - You can bet on two or more selections in different events. Your initial stake and winnings are reinvested in the next game. If one bet loses, you lose the entire parlay.

To start betting for your favorite team, check out our latest NFL odds. You can also bet on other leagues, like the NBA, MLB, and NHL.