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Soccer Odds

Betting in soccer is quite direct. You don’t have to be an expert bettor to figure things out. But there are also some serious and complicated wagers to make. If you want to be a soccer bettor, it’s a good idea to learn how these advanced bets work.

Let’s start by checking out the most common types of soccer bets today.


Predicting the final results of a soccer game is the most popular way for people to bet on the sport right now. A full-time result bet is also known as a three-way moneyline. This is one of the easiest and simplest bets you can make in soccer.

There are a few ways you can bet on the full-time result. The most common of them all is known as the win-draw-win category. Just like its name, you have three options to choose from as you bet.

Unlike in other sports, the best soccer matches can end in a tie. This gives bettors a third option besides winning or losing. In soccer, you can bet on a game if you think it will be a draw.

Below is an example of a win-draw-win bet between two teams from Germany’s Bundesliga.

  • Bayern Munich 1.2
  • Draw 4.65
  • Leverkusen 9.00

There is a big gap between the odds of each betting option. The reason here is because Bayern Munich is the favorite to win in this matchup.

Here’s another example:

  • Eintracht Frankfurt 1.5
  • Draw 5.00
  • Union Berlin 8.50

But there isn’t always a big difference in the betting odds all the time, as seen with Union Berlin and Leverkusen. Bookmakers that believe a match is going to be close will start assigning tighter odds. There are even some games where the draw option can actually be more appealing to bet on.

This is one example of a full-time moneyline bet. Let’s check out the other soccer betting lines you can make.


A double chance bet is one of the safer options when betting on the results of a soccer match. You pretty much have two chances to get your prediction right. Since there are three outcomes, you get to cover two of those. You win the bet if the game ends with either of the results you’ve chosen.

Here’s how a double chance wager would look like for a game between Manchester United and Chelsea from the English Premier League.

  • Manchester or Draw 1.20
  • Manchester or Chelsea 1.35
  • Chelsea or Draw 2.50

Winning the “Manchester or Draw” bet happens when Manchester wins or if their match ends as a draw. You lose the bet if Chelsea wins. Betting on “Manchester or Chelsea” would be successful if either of the two teams wins.

Here’s another example of a double chance wager:

  • Borussia Monchengladbach or Draw 1.50
  • Borussia or Freiburg 2.00
  • Freiburg or Draw 2.80

The soccer odds in a double chance market are lower than the win-draw-win option. This is because winning a double chance wager is easier since you get to cover two possible outcomes.


Another safe sports betting option in soccer is the draw no bet wager. In this type of bet, there are only two choices available. You get to pick one team you think will win. There are no bets on draws here, which means that you get your money back if it does happen.

  • Werder Bremen 1.25
  • Borussia Dortmund 6.50

Live betting on either of the two would be successful if they end up winning. Your initial stake will be returned to you in case the match resulted in a draw.


Also known as a handicap, this is where the wagers in soccer start to get complicated. People who bet on major sports in the United States and Las Vegas should be familiar with this. It is the same as point spread betting. This type of soccer betting is available in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and even in the UFC.

The main driver in handicap bets is that the teams are either deducted or awarded extra goals. Most sportsbook platforms let you select the number of total goals to be removed or added.

Here’s an example of a handicap wager below.

  • Wolfsburg (-1) 3.70
  • Paderborn (+1) 3.20
  • Wolfsburg (-2) 4.25
  • Paderborn (+2) 1.35
  • Wolfsburg (-3) 11.00
  • Paderborn (+3) 1.20

Since VFL Wolfsburg is the favorite, the team gets fewer goals for its point spread. The underdog Paderborn receives extra goals. This is the standard practice in handicap markets. There are also bookmakers that may give goals to favorites and deduct goals to underdogs.

Let’s say that you’re wagering on Wolfsburg (-1) for the match. This bet slip means that they have to win by at least two goals for you to win your wager. So, even if Wolfsburg wins the match 2-1, you still lose because technically, it would be 1-1 in the betting lines.

A wager on VFL Wolfsburg (-2) would mean the team has to win by three or more goals while the Wolfsburg (-3) option means getting at least four goals. The more goals that are deducted, the better the odds, and so are the payouts.


Outrights or futures bets are the wagers in soccer that can take some time to finish. Unlike the ones mentioned above, these don’t rely on the individual outcome of each game. Instead, it depends on the results of entire competitions, leagues, and even the Fifa World Cup.

You can bet on who has the best odds of winning the UEFA Champions League. Here’s an example of how this would look like.

  • Real Madrid 3.30
  • Milan 5.00
  • Liverpool 6.50
  • Bayern Munich 8.00
  • Barcelona 10.00
  • Manchester United 15.00
  • Chelsea 18.00

The goal for this bet is to predict which team would become the winner of the champions league. This isn’t easy to do since the groups can be very competitive. If you’re pretty familiar with the teams involved and their lineups, you can make better calls with this type of betting.

But here’s what you need to know for this kind of wager. Since you won’t receive your winnings until the results come in, you will end up tying your bankroll for quite some time. This won’t be a problem if you practice smart bankroll management.


Many soccer formats are played in countries around the world. For soccer fans who are also bettors, this is terrific news since you have so many opportunities available.

The English Premier League, or EPL, is the most popular league right now. It is closely followed by La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and MLS (Major League Soccer). These are the major leagues as they have the most coverage globally.

Since these leagues are the most popular in the world, we can assume that they also see a lot of action on the betting lines. You can benefit from placing a wager on these bigger leagues because there’s simply a lot of available info. There are plenty of highlights, statistics, and data analysis that can help you make smart betting decisions.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to betting on these major leagues. Bookmakers and sportsbook platforms bring in a lot of wagers. This means that they work hard to make sure that the odds and betting lines are all set tight. It can be challenging for many bettors to find value, and you will really have to know what you’re doing to make constant profits.

It is also somewhat difficult to tell outcomes in these leagues. Although some of these groups may have two or three dominant teams, the end results aren’t always guaranteed. An underdog can rise from the shadows and become the champion.

But these listed leagues are just a small portion of all the leagues worldwide. There are also minor leagues that play in their respective countries. Many of them are covered by sportsbook betting sites. This means that there are more opportunities for you here.

Here are some of the other soccer leagues in the world:

  • Primeira Liga
  • Campeonato Brasileiro
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • A-League
  • J-League
  • Russian Premier League
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Chinese Super League
  • Superleague Greece
  • Liga MX
  • Primeira Division
  • Jupiler Pro League

And these aren’t even all of them! It’s also important to note that other countries have even more minor leagues. England has League 1 and League 2. In Italy, there’s Serie A and Serie B, and Spain has the Segunda Division.

The main benefit of betting on these smaller leagues is that their odds and lines aren’t as tight as the bigger ones. If you’re familiar with the teams in these leagues, you probably know more than the bookmakers themselves. This gives you a strong edge over them to make some betting profits here.

Another thing is that there are far fewer people placing wagers on these leagues. With the bigger markets where bets are quickly snatched, and odds shift many times, bet value can be lost quickly. This doesn’t happen as much when we’re talking about the lower profile leagues.

But finding coverage on their games isn’t as easy. You can’t find a lot of data available too. This means that you will have to do your homework if you wish to become a bettor here.

Ultimately, wagering on the minor leagues means that you will have to work a little harder. But there are also lucrative payouts if you know what you’re doing.