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Motor Racing Betting Odds

The wagers that happen in auto racing are pretty straightforward. The driver that finishes the course and crosses the finish line first is the winner. It’s all about completing the final lap. Besides a few rules and regulations, anyone can watch and enjoy a race without being too technical about it.

If you’re new to auto racing odds and bets, it’s essential that you know where to start. So in this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of sports betting in motor racing, like NASCAR betting.

Let’s start with the types of racing formats available.


Even as a beginner, you’ve probably heard about NASCAR or F1 racing. These are just two of the most popular races that happen in the world of auto racing. There are other races as well, but we’ll begin with the most prevalent.


Also known as the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, NASCAR is the most popular racing format in the United States. Vehicles that are raced here are powerful and customized cars that are made only for racing. Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota cars are commonly used here.

Unlike the other types of racing, NASCAR vehicles do not have open-wheels. The race is known for its world-famous Xfinity Series (Darlington Raceway), Monster Energy Cup, and Camping World Truck Series.

Formula One (F1)

The most famous open-wheel racing that happens on the planet is through Formula 1 or F1. It has a solid history dating back more than a hundred years to European Grand Prix Racing.

F1 cars are top of the line beasts. They are made as sleek as possible and are very fast. All of its vehicles are single-seaters and are the top regulated road racing cars in terms of speed.


IndyCar is very similar to F1 and also follows an open-wheel racing format. The main difference that it has with F1 can be seen in the tires, steering wheels, and equipment being used. It only supports two engine manufacturers which are Honda and Chevrolet.

As for its races, they are arranged differently. The tracks and terrain will vary between each race. That is why the specs of a car should be changed according to what’s needed.

Bettors deciding to wager on IndyCar will have to think about all of these factors to make informed bets.


Now that you’re familiar with some of the most popular races, it’s time to take a look at the various types of bets you can make in auto racing.

Race Winner

Do you think that Denny Hamlin will win this year’s Daytona 500 race? Maybe you feel that Lewis Hamilton is guaranteed to snag the British Grand Prix once again?

Wagering on race winners is the easiest and purest form of betting in auto racing. You just have to visit your sportsbook, choose the driver, and place your bet.

When choosing a potential winner, the lowest betting odds to win will be assigned to the driver considered the favorite in winning that race. This means that you won’t be getting as much money if you succeed with the bet, unlike with others considered as underdogs.

Here’s an example of how motor racing betting odds in an F1 Grand Prix would look like:

  • Lewis Hamilton +165
  • Sebastian Vettel +178
  • Max Verstappen +350
  • Valtteri Bottas +440
  • Kimi Raikkonen +700

As you can see, Lewis Hamilton is the favorite to win this race with betting odds at +165. In that case, placing a $100 wager on him and winning will give you $265 in total winnings.

Here’s another example of how race winner odds look like:

  • Alex Bowman +150
  • Brad Keselowski +210
  • Ryan Blaney +270
  • Corey Lajoie +330
  • Austin Cindric +400

Race winner predictions are just that. If your predicted driver wins, then you win as well!

Driver’s Championship Winner

This type of bet is just like a futures bet slip like in the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. This means that a person will place a bet on an event that won’t conclude for some time.

Quite a few of these bets happen in motor racing, but the most popular choice is the world championship winner. Instead of projecting who will win a race, you are predicting who will have the most points by the end of the season.

There is one big disadvantage with this type of bet, though. If a driver, for some reason, can no longer compete during the season, then your bet is over.

Similar to moneyline bets, betting sites assign the lowest odds to the driver who they think has the best chance of winning.

  • Kyle Busch +110
  • Kevin Harvick +230
  • Joey Logano +320
  • Martin Truex Jr. +450
  • Chase Elliott +500

Fastest Qualifier

Just like in horse racing and MotoGP, this bet is all about predicting which driver will finish with the best time record in a race. Let’s check out this example of odds assigned by a bookmaker on who will finish the fastest:

  • Alexander Rossi +245
  • Scott Dixon +330
  • Ed Carpenter +380
  • Will Power +440
  • Ryan Hunter-Reay +550

Choosing to bet on Will Power at the pole position with a $100 bet will give you back a total of $540 in winnings if you win the bet.

Here’s another matchups example:

  • Daniel Hemric +200
  • Ross Chastain +250
  • Ryan Preece +310
  • Tyler Reddick +380
  • Brennan Poole +450

Podium Finish

In a podium finish bet, there are three slots available that you can wager on. It’s only natural that the best drivers of that race will end up there.

So instead of betting on one winner, you get to cover three positions that your chosen driver can occupy. Rather than being over as soon as a driver finishes first, your predicted driver can also win even if they get the second or third spots. Sounds good, right?

However, the motor racing betting odds of a podium finish bet is much lower than a race winner bet. This is what the odds to win will normally look like for a race like this:

  • Kurt Busch -350 
  • Austin Dillon -200 
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. -100 
  • Ryan Sieg + 130 
  • William Byron + 155 

Fastest Lap

Betting on the fastest lap is also another common bet that race fans love. The condition for this wager is quite evident: Whoever completes the lap in the shortest amount of time wins. If you aren’t looking at the race or championship winner, then you might find this bet interesting.

For this kind of wager, it is necessary to consider the history of a driver on a specific track. If a driver of a race holds the fastest lap for that track, it’s only logical that they have a good chance of winning this type of bet slip for you.

Here’s an example of how auto racing odds for these matchups here will look like:

  • Timmy Hill +100
  • Aric Almirola +250
  • Clint Bowyer +280
  • Matt Dibenedetto +350
  • Erik Jones +500


There are several factors in each race that can affect its outcome for all drivers. For a smart bettor, considering these aspects before placing a bet is crucial. Below are some tips you can follow to get better at sports betting for races.

Watch the Races

Are you thinking of placing a few hundred dollars on the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series when you haven’t watched an auto race before? Don’t know who has a better record among Chris Buescher, Cole Custer, Joey Gase, Justin Allgaier, and Matt Kenseth? Unless you’re really lucky, you won’t be winning a lot of free bets if you don’t watch the sport.

Good Las Vegas bettors cover the races they want to bet on and study them eagerly. A lot of things can change, and they do happen fast in auto races. That is why you need to stay updated on these elements of the sport, so you have a better grasp on what the best bets are for you.

Check the Weather

Driving in adverse weather conditions is never easy. Sudden heavy rain can affect the outcome of a race, so it’s crucial that you consider this scenario.

There are some drivers that fare better during hazardous weather, while others even thrive on it. Some vehicles also have improved handling in the rain than others. The weather plays an important role in how a race turns out, so you must think about this before placing a bet.

Analyze and Leverage Statistics

Smart bettors use the treasure trove of data that is available to them. Knowing how drivers perform on a certain track is vital in making proper bets. A driver that is doing well in a season doesn’t automatically mean they’ll win a race on a track where they had bad records before.

That is why you need to use these statistics to your advantage. Jimmie Johnson may be older, but he might have an experience advantage over Ty Dillon based on his records.

Most of the data you’ll need can be found on the Internet. There are also some sportsbooks and betting sites that provide this information readily.


Whichever sport you are betting on, whether that’s the NFL or even the UFC, you need to always start at the lowest and slowly work your way from there. Progressively building your knowledge of the game is essential if you want to see more consistent profits in sports betting.

In car racing, there are several formats that you can use once you are already familiar with what bets to place. It’s vital that you study the drivers and how each of them perform on specific tracks. You should also look at the weather and the cars that fare better during certain conditions.

These are the most essential tips to follow to be a successful bettor in motorsports racing.