Week 7 of the NFL has (pretty much) come and gone, and looking back we can see that there was a ton of great football being played.

There were five games decided by a field goal or less — two of those by just a single point — and two other games were finished with 10 points separating the winners from the losers.

There were amazing touchdown passes, outstanding catches, impressive runs and hard hits. In short, it was everything we could hope for in a weekend of NFL football.

Twitter took note of the awesome week, too, and made some fun observations along the way. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Best seat in the house

Teddy Bridgewater no doubt has a lot of fond memories during his time with the New Orleans Saints. His return to the Crescent City was not as memorable, however, as his team lost, 27-24. The Saints were favored by -7.5 by oddsmakers, so at least Bridgewater and the Carolina Panthers helped players who went with the under add a few bucks to their pocketbook.

Despite the loss, Bridgewater did take a moment to return to one of his most frequented places in the Superdome.

A strange feeling for Pats fans

Those who have a rooting interest in the New England Patriots are likely not happy campers these days. The Pats were slapped down pretty hard by the San Francisco 49ers, 33-6. This is the first time New England has had a three-game losing streak since — hold on, we have to dig out an encyclopedia and blow off some dust — Oct. 13, 2002. That’s right, 18 years ago.

New England has lost back-to-back games 11 times since then. Not three in a row though.

For those who don’t remember the olden times, Brett Favre led the Green Bay Packers to a 28-10 win in New England to give them their third loss. Prior to that, Drew Brees led the then-San Diego Chargers to a win to begin the streak, and Jay Fiedler helped the Dolphins to a win in the middle of it.

The last time the Patriots were two games under .500? According to NFL guru Albert Breer, it was the second week of October in 2001, which was a loss in Tom Brady’s second NFL start, which put the team record at 1-3 at the time.

But those were before the good old days. And now we may be past those.

Fast forward to today and it doesn’t take long to find plenty of those diehards in Boston and beyond who are not very thrilled with current starting quarterback Cam Newton.

Players can’t be too happy either. The Pats were favored by -2.5 for this matchup and, well, it wasn’t happening. Even the total of 45.5 was missed.

While there may be a surge in anti-Newton sentiment, some folks have to wonder if his backup is the answer.

Newton went 9 of 15 for 98 yards and a whopping three interceptions. Jarrett Stidham threw for 64 yards on a 6 of 10 performance and also threw a pick. Either way, it has to make fans — and maybe a coach or two — long for days past.

Especially when this is happening.

Maybe we shouldn’t mention that Brady set the all-time touchdown passing record on Sunday?

Steelers keep shutting down the run

When the Pittsburgh Steelers take to the field, fans expect a good defensive showing more than anything else. That’s what their football dynasty was built on, and that’s what is expected of them each season.

So far this year, they haven’t disappointed in some of those defensive facets.

With a 27-24 victory, the Steelers made oddsmakers look pretty smart, as they had been picked to win at a -2.5 point spread.

Not everyone ended the day as a Steelers fan, but that’s to be expected.

Russell Wilson just oozes cool

When a quarterback can step onto the field and make this play to start the game, you just know there is a ton of confidence in each of those swaggering steps. And why not? He is Russell Wilson after all.

With the Seahawks favored by -3.5, there was no doubt that oddsmakers saw this game as being a tight one. But Wilson? You can tell he doesn’t ever expect the game to get that close just by the way he looks into the camera (clearly no one told him Arizona had plans for the upset in this one, winning, 37-34).

Of course, even professional quarterbacks make mistakes. Thankfully Wilson has an outstanding cast of players around him to help stop those mistakes from immediately blowing up in his face. When the Arizona Cardinals picked Wilson off in the end zone and bolted down the sideline with their eyes set on a pick-six, DK Metcalf went into high gear to stop it.

Now that’s a long time in the making

Did you know the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets, 18-10, today?

It wasn’t a spectacular game in any way. The Bills were favored by -13, and the point spread was set at a staggering 46 points (here’s hoping you went with the under!). But this game was interesting for the fact that something happened that hasn’t occurred since — well, we’ll let CBS explain it.


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