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August 18, 2021

NHL 3-Way Bet – Sports Betting

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NHL 3-Way Bet 

Betting on the NHL adds excitement to the game, but determining its mechanics can be confusing. provides a simple guide on how NHL 3-way betting works. 

How Do Three-Way Bets Work? 

Placing a bet on the moneyline means you’re betting on the straight-up winner of a game. 

However, some sports have three potential outcomes: win, lose, or draw. These outcomes provide a 3-way line that allows bettors to bet on one of the two teams or put their money on a match ending in a tie. 

NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC matchups, and the Superbowl are just a few sports events where bettors use three-way moneyline betting

Compared to a traditional two-way moneyline, a 3-way betting option offers more value and a higher payout to bettors, since it’s harder to guess the game’s outcome correctly. 

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What Is a 3-Way Bet in Hockey?

Many sports betting sites offer 3-way hockey betting options in NHL matchups as a regulation time bet since most games frequently end in a tie after three periods.

If the bet doesn’t include penalty shootouts or overtime, there’s a possibility that the outcome would be a draw. 

The 3-way betting strategy is the same as the traditional moneyline bet except that there are three probable outcomes rather than the regular two in the NHL games

For example, in a matchup between the Rangers and the Devils, a standard, two-way moneyline bet may look like this:

New York Rangers -200
New Jersey Devils +170

With a 3-way betting option, the betting odds on offer will be greater since you’re broadening the possible outcomes in the game. 

Odds for a three-way moneyline bet may look like this:

New York Rangers -125
Draw (Tie) +310
New Jersey Devils +280

Note that the three-way moneyline bet does not include overtime, which means you’re just betting on the result after the three periods.

The Rangers are still the favorite, but in the three-way moneyline option, odds for both teams are longer. 

If you select either the Rangers or the Devils as an outright winner, you’ll see a bigger payout on the three-way moneyline than you would on the two-way moneyline.

The tie is considered the least likely option, so it has the longest odds and biggest payout.

A puckline is often used to even the odds of a hockey game where the favorite team to win starts at a disadvantage and the underdog starts at an advantage. 

Meanwhile, live betting on a 3-way puckline sometimes includes a draw. 

For example, the NHL betting options are team A +1, team B -1, or draw. When the favorite team wins by 1, it’s a draw on the puckline, which means you lose. 

What Is a 3-Way Parlay?

A parlay is a bet across multiple games or within a single game. When you do this in several games in the NHL, you’re betting that all of the outcomes will happen as you’ve predicted. 

The betting odds and the risk for parlay bets are higher. All bets in your parlay must win. Your entire parlay loses when one of your bets loses.

Moneyline, point spread, and point totals are the three major lines you can use in an NHL bet. You can craft your NHL parlay with any combination of these options. 

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