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September 27, 2021

Colts vs 49ers Odds, Spreads & Betting Lines – Sports Betting

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Colts vs. 49ers Odds

From 2005 to 2017, the Indianapolis Colts played against the San Francisco 49ers four times, with the Colts winning all four matches.

During the 2020 NFL Season, the teams did not face each other, but the Colts ranked better than the Niners.

The Colts appeared as the favorites over the Niners. However, past matchup schedules were years apart, and bettors need more information than just the matchups between both teams. provides information that bettors need to make an informed betting decision. These details include past betting trends and season matches against other teams.

Colts vs. 49ers Last Season Stats

Before the 2021 football season, the Colts and the Niners had their last matchup during Week 5 of NFL 2017. The match was played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on October 8. The Colts beat the Niners 26-23.

2020 NFL Season Matches

Indianapolis Colts Weekly Matches

Week 1 Jacksonville Jaguars – 20-27 (L)

Week 2 Minnesota Vikings – 28-11 (W)

Week 3 New York Jets – 36-7 (W)

Week 4 Chicago Bears – 19-11 (W)

Week 5 Cleveland Browns – 23-32 (L)

Week 6 Cincinnati Bengals – 31-27 (W)

Week 8 Detroit Lions – 41-21 (W)

Week 9 Baltimore Ravens – 10-24 (L)

Week 10 Tennessee Titans – 34-17 (W)

Week 11 Green Bay Packers – 34-31 (W)

Week 12 Tennessee Titans – 26-45 (L)

Week 13 Houston Texans – 26-20 (W)

Week 14 Las Vegas Raiders – 44-27 (W)

Week 15 Houston Texans – 27-20 (W)

Week 16 Pittsburgh Steelers – 24-28 (L)

Week 17 Jacksonville Jaguars – 28-14 (W)

(Postseason – AFC Wild Card Playoff) – Buffalo Bills – 24-27 (L)

San Francisco 49ers Weekly Matches

Week 1 Arizona Cardinals – 20-24 (L)

Week 2 NY Jets – 31-13 (W)

Week 3 NY Giants – 36-9 (W)

Week 4 Philadelphia Eagles – 20-25 (L)

Week 5 Miami Dolphins – 17-43 (L)

Week 6 Los Angeles Rams – 24-16 (W)

Week 7 New England Patriots – 33-6 (W)

Week 8 Seattle Seahawks – 27-37 (L)

Week 9 Green Bay Packers – 17-34 (L)

Week 10 New Orleans Saints – 13-27 (L)

Week 12 LA Rams – 23-20 (W)

Week 13 Buffalo Bills – 24-34 (L)

Week 14 Washington Football- 15-23 (L)

Week 15 Dallas Cowboys – 33-41 (L)

Week 16 Arizona Cardinals – 20-12 (W)

Week 17 Seattle Seahawks – 23-26 (L)

Colts vs. 49ers Betting Odds Trends Last Season

NFL 2013 Season (September 22, 2013)

Moneyline: Colts +415, 49ers -510

Point spread: Colts +10.5, 49ers -10.5

Over/under: 46

Winner: Colts (27-7)

Spread: Colts (+30.5 ATS)

O/U: (34) -12

NFL 2017 Season (October 8, 2017)

Moneyline: 49ers +115, Colts -105

Point spread: 49ers +1, Colts -1

Over/under: 44

Winner: Colts (26-23)

Spread: Colts (+2 ATS)

O/U: (49) +5

Colts vs. 49ers All-Time Series

Past Matchups

From 1950 to 2017, the Colts and Niners played against each other 45 times. The Colts won 26 games while the Niners won 19 games.

2020 NFL Division Standings

The Colts placed second in the AFC South rankings with 11 wins and five losses. On the other hand, the Niners landed fourth place in the NFC West division with six wins and 11 losses.

Notable Players

Some well-known players include quarterbacks Andrew Luck of the Colts and Trey Lance of the Niners.

How to Bet on the Colts vs. 49ers

Past performances and betting trends in this article show that the Colts are likely to remain favorites, and the Niners will continue as underdogs.

You can place your bets on the Colts vs. 49ers matchups using any of the following betting methods:

Moneyline – Represents the amount of money you can win based on your stake. A moneyline of +115 means you can win $115 for every $100 you stake, while -115 means you can win $100 for every $115 you bet.

Point spread – This is the gap, or spread, between the teams’ scores. A -3.5 point spread on the favorite means they have to win the game by more than 3.5 points, or your bet on them is a loss. 

Point total or Over/under – You bet whether the actual combined score of both teams will be over or under the oddsmaker’s predicted total score.

Live/In-play betting – You can place your bets on the game while watching the game live on CBS or other sports channels.

Parlays/teasers – Parlays are bets where you combine multiple games, teams, or bet types to earn bigger payouts. But if you lose one bet, you lose your entire stake.

Prop bets – These are bets on certain outcomes not specified as moneyline, spread, or over/under. Bets like coin toss results or the duration of the singing of the national anthem are examples of prop bets.

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