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September 25, 2019

5 Reasons People Love to Bet on Football

Why is football betting so popular? Here we find out

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With no less than 4 billion fans around the world, football is undoubtedly the most popular sport on the planet.

Thousands of people flock to support their team every week and many follow the top European football leagues religiously, with England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A the biggest leagues around.

And while domestic pride is important, the ultimate title in Europe comes in the form of the Champions League – the premier competition on the continent – and is one that sees that sees the finest teams from each country’s leagues face each other in order to see who is the best of them all.

International football is also exceedingly popular – especially when big tournaments roll around, such as the World Cup and the European Championships, which each occur every four years. The World Cup is up there with the Olympics as being one of the most famous and popular sporting events on the planet, with the 32 qualifying teams descending upon a host nation (which will be Qatar in 2022) to battle it out while soaking up the unique atmosphere found in that part of the world. Indeed, every tournament is different, from Germany’s gutes Bier in 2006, to the Vuvuzelas of South Africa in 2010, the samba-style of Brazil in 2014 and the grandiose tournament in Russia in 2018.

But as well as supporting their teams, many people also love to bet on football games. But why is football betting so popular? Here we find out.

1) Becoming Part of the Game

While many people love watching the beautiful game, having a bet on football online before the match (or even during it with in-play betting) can add an extra spice to proceedings – with some potential cash winnings coming your way if your team does the job.

If you don’t want to “jinx” your team, though, you can also bet on other outcomes, such as which players will score or the total number of goals you expect to see in the game. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your predictions come true – that is, unless you’ve also put your money where your mouth is!

2) Fun with Friends

Whether going to a match, watching one on TV or even keeping an eye on the latest results, many football fans love to get on an accumulator for the weekend’s action.

This is a really social exercise as friends keep each other informed about how they’re getting on. And, if someone is looking good late on, the whole group will be bustling with excitement.

As well as accumulators, there are hundreds of football betting markets available – covering everything from yellow cards, to first goalscorers and even the number of corners that the match will see. There’s nothing much funnier than watching the confusion of those around you as a group of friends celebrate wildly as a match reaches over 10 corners to secure their winning bet.

You can also find football odds on all sorts of European football tournaments, as well as many others from around the world. People often like to have season-long bets, so they can potentially be rewarded if their longer-term predictions are right. Think a certain team are destined to be relegated – why not bet on it? Likewise, you can also bet on teams to finish in certain positions or have points handicap bets between two teams (e.g. City -4 points to finish above United).

3) Getting Everyone on the Same Page

And while many people watch football with friends, not all friends support the same team.

So, if you’re in the pub watching your friend’s terrible team, you could join in on the emotion by also placing an “interest bet” on your friend’s team. This will effectively make you a supporter of his team for the next 90 minutes and will help spice up the experience of what would normally be considered a dead rubber game.

Alternatively, if you have a dark sense of humour and like to wind-up your friends, you can bet against your friend’s team and really pile on the misery if his side loses.

4) Putting Your Knowledge to Use

n the world of 24/7 sports news, football fans are in dreamland. You can know your own team inside-out – as well as others – by keeping up with the latest goings on.

While staying up to date is an enjoyable pastime on its own, fans can also use this intrinsic knowledge to their advantage when betting on upcoming matches. Are United in the midst of an injury crisis? Maybe it’s worth backing their opponent… Or are Rovers flying under their new manager? Maybe you’ll get good odds on them beating someone higher up the league…

Likewise, you’ll also find many non-match related football markets, such as next manager odds or transfer odds for different players. These can also be interesting bets and you’ll find some great value with these if you have a clear idea about the type of player or manager that a club is looking for.

5) Just for Fun

Some people just like the thrill of betting on football – whether that be individual bets on matches, season-long bets, special markets or the dreamy accumulators. It’s a good bit of extra entertainment to compliment a sport you already love