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March 09, 2020

What Is an Accumulator Bet and Why Are Accas so Popular

One of the most popular types of bets is the accumulator

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When it comes to sport bets, undoubtedly one of the most popular types of bets is the accumulator (also known as an “Acca”).

If you’re somewhat new to sports betting and are wondering exactly “what is an accumulator bet?”, the simple answer is that it is essentially a single bet that includes 4 or more selections, all of which must come in order for the bet to win…

The odds of each of these selections then “accumulate” into one bigger bet.

Accumulator bets are extremely popular when there’s lots of sporting action taking place on a single day or weekend. In football, for example, lots of fans love to place an “Acca” on the day’s events.

But why are accumulator bets so popular? In the following sections, we’ll find out.

1) Massive Odds

Simply put, many sports fans are drawn to acca bets due to the fact that they can often provide the player with massive odds – sometimes even akin to winning the lottery.

While a €10 bet on Team A to beat Team B might only land you odds of evens (and therefore the chance to double your money, at best), accumulator odds can reach in the thousands- – and even tens of thousands- – to-one due to the fact that they multiple the odds of multiple selections.

A typical accumulator bet may therefore look something link this:

  1. Man Utd to win 4/5
  2. Chelsea to win 2/1
  3. Everton to win 6/4
  4. Southampton to win 3/1
  5. Aston Villa to win 6/1
  6. Norwich to win 4/1

Total Accumulator Odds = 1889/1

So, while a €1 stake on any of these markets individually would not return you more than €7, a bet requiring all six of the markets to win would secure a €1890 return from the same €1 bet.

The appeal of the big odds to sports fans is clear.

2) Small Stakes

And when the odds are so big, it means players don’t need to stake much in order to see a very big reward.

Single markets, although much more likely to win, tend to lead people to stake much more in order for them to feel like they can get a return that they deem “worth” having.

However, as the odds on accumulators are so long, players are more comfortable to stake very small amounts – and even opt to place several accumulators at the same time due to the lower cost.

3) Fun with Friends

It’s becoming an increasingly common sight to see groups of friends sharing in the drama of each other’s accumulators while watching the action unfold on the TV in front of them.

Indeed, accumulators can be a very social bet and a great way to strike up a conversation. If an accumulator is looking good late on, you’ll often hear friends excitedly discussing who they need to score late on in order to win their bet.

What’s more, friends will often join in on your excitement knowing full well that, due to the potentially large size of your win, you may even treat them to a couple of drinks to celebrate! Depending on how nice a friend you are, of course.

4) Putting Your Knowledge to Use

Also, if you’re a big fan of a sport in general, an accumulator can be great way to test out your knowledge of the sport.

It doesn’t have to be – and often isn’t – just the big events that you’ll bet on. Knowing that more selections will dramatically boost your odds, you’ll be scouring the lower leagues for some good value bets to add to your accumulator.

5) Just for Fun

Accumulator bets should only ever be seen as a form of fun or entertainment, and not as a way of making money. Obviously, it’s always great when a big win comes in, but you should never bet more than you can afford to lose, nor become dependent on your bet coming in.

Accas can be great fun – especially when hanging out with friends!