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November 18, 2021

Washington vs Raiders Odds, Spreads & Betting Lines – Sports Betting

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Washington vs. Raiders Odds

In 2020, the NFC East’s Washington Redskins were renamed the Washington Football Team to address racially sensitive issues.

In the same year, the AFC West’s Oakland Raiders rebranded themselves as the Las Vegas Raiders, representing their relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas.

Aside from team name changes, knowing past performances and matchup results may also be important for bettors to review. discusses these past performances and betting trends so you may confidently decide which team to choose or what bet to place on the next Washington-Raiders match.

Washington vs. Raiders Stats

2017 NFL Season Performance

Washington and the Raiders faced each other Sunday night in Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season at FedExField in Maryland.

Washington was the first to score in the game, with quarterback Kirk Cousins making two touchdown passes in the first half.

Cousins scored Washington’s third touchdown in the third quarter before the Raiders’ QB Derek Carr scored their first. By the fourth quarter, Washington made two more field goals against the Raiders’ only one.

The match ended at 27-10 in favor of Washington.

2020 NFL Season Matches

Washington Football Team

Week 1. Philadelphia Eagles – 27-17 (W)

Week 2. Arizona Cardinals – 15-30 (L)

Week 3. Cleveland Browns – 20-34 (L)

Week 4. Baltimore Ravens – 17-31 (L)

Week 5. Los Angeles Rams – 10-30 (L)

Week 6. New York Giants – 19-20 (L)

Week 7. Dallas Cowboys – 25-3 (W)

Week 9. NY Giants – 20-23 (L)

Week 10. Detroit Lions – 27-30 (L)

Week 11. Cincinnati Bengals – 20-9 (W)

Week 12. Dallas Cowboys – 41-16 (W)

Week 13. Pittsburgh Steelers – 23-17 (W)

Week 14. San Francisco 49ers – 23-15 (W)

Week 15. Seattle Seahawks – 15-20 (L)

Week 16. Carolina Panthers – 13-20 (L)

Week 17. Philadelphia Eagles – 20-14 (W)

Las Vegas Raiders

Week 1. Carolina Panthers – 34-30 (W)

Week 2. New Orleans Saints – 34-24 (W)

Week 3. New England Patriots – 20-36 (L)

Week 4. Buffalo Bills – 23-30 (L)

Week 5. Kansas City Chiefs – 40-32 (W)

Week 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 20-45 (L)

Week 8. Cleveland Browns – 16-6 (W)

Week 9. Los Angeles Chargers – 31-26 (W)

Week 10. Denver Broncos – 37-12 (W)

Week 11. Kansas City Chiefs – 31-35 (L)

Week 12. Atlanta Falcons – 6-43 (L)

Week 13. New York Jets – 31-28 (W)

Week 14. Indianapolis Colts – 27-44 (L)

Week 15. LA Chargers – 27-30 (L)

Week 16. Miami Dolphins – 25-26 (L)

Week 17. Denver Broncos – 32-31 (W)

Washington vs. Raiders Betting Trends

2017 NFL Season Betting Odds (Week 3)

Moneyline: Raiders -205, Washington +175

Point spread: Raiders -3.5, Washington +3.5

Over/Under: 53.5

Winner: Washington (27-10)

Spread: Washington (20.5 ATS)

O/U: 37 (Under -16.5)

Washington vs. Raiders  All-Time Series

From 1970 to 2017, Washington and the Raiders only had 14 matchups, including Super Bowl XVIII in January 1984, which the Raiders won.

The Raiders lead with eight wins against Washington’s six.

2020 NFL Season Notable Players

Washington Football Team

  • Alex Smith (quarterback)
  • Antonio Gibson (running back)
  • Terry McLaurin (wide receiver)

Las Vegas Raiders

  • Derek Carr (quarterback)
  • Josh Jacobs (running back)
  • Darren Waller (tight end)

How to Bet on the Washington vs. Raiders Odds

Moneyline – This bet determines which team straight-up wins the match. Odds with a minus sign are the favorites, while odds with a plus sign are underdogs.

Suppose the Chicago Bears have -460 odds and the Jacksonville Jaguars have +370 odds. A $460 bet on the Bears will earn you $100 if the team wins. If you choose the Jaguars, your $100 stake will give you $370 if the Jags win.

Point Spread – Bettors win the bet by predicting the spread, or how many points a team has to win or lose over the other.

For example, if you bet on the Green Bay Packers at a -3.5 spread and the Packers win by more than three points over the Houston Texans, your bet wins.

Over/Under – Bettors place a bet on whether the total or combined score of both teams in a match goes over or under a specific score set by oddsmakers.

If a Tennessee Titans match has an O/U of 42.5 and you bet “over,” the total score of both teams must be 43 or higher to win the bet.

Futures – These are bets on sporting events that will occur weeks or months in the future. Sportsbooks may set futures odds during the offseason so bettors can bet early.

Examples of futures include bets on postseason games like divisional playoffs, conference championships, or the Super Bowl.

Prop Bets – Proposition bets, or props are bets, placed on milestones that may or may not be related to a game’s final outcome. One example is a bet on which team will pick a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft. accepts bets on various sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. For betting on the go, download our free mobile app on your mobile device.

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